Civilization Essay Sample


Civilization refers to a combination of the strategies that are incorporated by an empire, a group of individuals or a state in policies with the main objective being to achieve a general change in the administration and operation of the administration. African civilization, Olmec civilization and Islamic civilization are some of the modern civilizations.

Evidence adduced by Ivan Van Sertima to prove African Presence in Olmec Civilization

Although there is a possibility that Olmecs have an African origin, they have always hidden their black civilization from the other people. There are several proofs that relate the Olmecs with the Africans living in West Africa. The proofs show that the Olmec civilization has African elements. The studies conducted by Ivan Sertima indicated that they arrived before Columbus. This shows that the Olmecs definitely were not of the Indian origin and their faces did not resemble baby faces the way other people have been told before. According to this study, the Olmecs were Africans and they have an exact resemblance with the West Africans who reside in the Mende regions.

There are language similarities between the Olmecs and the West Africans in the African continent. For example, the scripts that were used by the Olmecs are used in writing by the West Africans in the Mende regions. The Mendes use their system too. The Mandikas from West African also use their system. On interpreting the writings on the monuments, it came out clearly that Mende was among the many languages of the Olmecs. This indicated Olmec civilization has an African element since the Mende language has an African origin and the Olmecs use it to communicate.

The religion of the Olmecs is similar to that of the Nigeria and Mali people                                   who are found in the modern West Africa (Frazee 34). Thunder worship is another connection in the religions of the Africans and the Olmecs. In both civilizations, Thunder worship was practiced as a major ax feature in worship. The ax also has an association with the West African Shango. Both had children’s incorporation value in religious acts.

The other proof is the practice of astronomy by the Olmecs. They learnt about the Venus Complexity from this practice and this is being studied by the Bambara and Ono communities in West Africa. Mexican archaeologists have been puzzled by these proofs since they have now discovered that most Olmecs living in Mexico were initially Blacks. This evidence proofs that they introduced the astronomical calendar in Mexico. After a close examination, it becomes apparent that the West Africa region’s Africans learnt the astronomy element that is found in the calendar when this civilization started.

The Olmec civilization’s creation does not only have the presence of Africans, but also Mesopotamia, Egypt. Ivan has also revealed another proof through his studies. For instance, he has discovered that the African hairstyle that is commonly put by the Africans is also common among the Olmec terracotta within Mexico. Among the African cultural practices such as body scarification, particularly on the faces leaves scars whose patterns have also been seen on Olmec terracotta’s faces (Frazee 123). Cornrow element indicates that the Africans or blacks who lived in Mexico at the pre-historic time were from the South Sahara rather than Melanesia as archaeologists have postulated. Some of the observed dots and lines on the faces of these people have also been observed on the Dinka people who live in Sudan as well as the Yoruba people who live in West Africa.