The society uses gender to classify individuals based on certain behaviors, approaches and feelings that correlates with one’s sexual orientation. People usually see themselves as masculine (male), feminine (Female), androgynous (significant contribution from both characteristics) or undifferentiated (having insufficient levels of both the characteristics) (Doren). In my opinion, parents should raise their kids in gender neutral
Gender discrimination is the unfavorable treated of employees in the work place in regard to their gender. It also refers in the unequal treatment of job applicants for vacancies during employment. Sexual harassment is also a form of gender discrimination, where employees are limited to perform their jobs due to demands such as romantic favors.
“Women in Breadlines” by Meridel Le Sueur is a story depicting the plight of women during the great depression. The story, while captivating and told skillfully, is tragic in nature and exposes the horrors through which women went through to feed their families. According to the excerpt provided, it is clear that the first problem
Despite the fact that women are experiencing more progress in the labour force, they continue to offer their services in jobs stereotyped as women jobs. Additionally, women regardless their job categories receive less income compared to their counterparts holding the same job categories (Workplace Fairness 5).  Accordingly, women encounter restrictions in regards to promotion to
Gender disparities have been there for a long time until the human rights and the United States law on discrimination embraced the fact that men and women should be treated equally.  One of the challenges that exist is that this equality is never achieved and I believe the reason behind it all is that women