Abstract The technology world today is rife with sharing and distribution of digital media from one user to another. Additionally, multiple users demand access to the media at the same time, be they customers, clients, or workers within an organization. Moreover, organizations collect customer data for the purpose of data mining and therefore improvement of
The inception of online technology has led to the creation and development of a myriad of online platforms. Twitter is a popular social platform in the world today, and there is no doubt that it has social and non-social impacts. In line with its social impacts, Twitter plays an integral role in the provision of
As information technology and ICT takes center stage in business and personal communications, social media sites have become the main media of perpetuating this. Major social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn. Initially, these sites were designed to be accessible mainly via computers, but as IT progressed and the assembly of high-speed
The communication revolution has seen ways of communicating evolve from print to telephone, and now to the 20th-century emails and chat rooms. Recently, the Internet has frequently been used as a communication tool. The Internet language is used for communication over the Internet. Currently, there are different types of languages that are used for online communications.
The score is a renowned nonprofit organization offering incredible business advice to small startups and big organizations. Their advisory and mentorship programs are grounded in getting the business off the ground, in growing and achieving its goals. The services are delivered by an immense network of volunteers at affordable rates in areas of business operations,
Organizations across the world make significant efforts to achieve accreditation for various operational outcomes. Some of the most commonly recognized accreditations are provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The two most pursued accreditations are the quality management system accreditation and the environmental management system accreditation, which are covered under the ISO 9001 and
As globalization takes precedence over the 21st century, the topic of ethics has considerably become a headline in different fields, particularly in the social and business realms. The power that professionals wield in society is significant enough to impose obligations on them to behave acceptably. Therefore, ethics play intricate roles in the modern business world,
Information technology (IT) has become important for organizations around the world. Contrary to organizations that existed in the 1950s and 1960s, today’s firms have shifted to the use of IT to run various operations. Currently, it is estimated that businesses spend $2 trillion annually on IT alone, which accounts for roughly 50 percent of current
One of the factors that determine how people access, receive, and perceive information is information literacy. Information literacy can be defined as a skill through which a person can recognize the need for information and use it effectively (Karimi, Ashrafi-rizi, Papi, Shahrzadi, and Hassanzadeh). Today’s society witnesses all kinds of occurrences such as natural disasters,
Technological Advancement Technological advancement is the generation of information and discovery of new knowledge that advances the scientific or human understanding. Therefore, technological advancement is the achievement of scientific progress as the overall innovation, invention, and diffusion of technology. Notwithstanding, technological advancement covers the commercialization of new inventions as an open source to societies around