Information and Communication Technology or (ICT) as majority would prefer to call it, is today playing major, if not critical role in all aspect of human life and more so, in communication. ICT has touched and will continue to touch and influence human life in the spheres of politics, governance, and economic; social and cultural
We have all heard of people and various digital activists arguing that no one is ever safe as long as they have shared their personal information and interests online. This is because the famous and leading browsers and search engines are reportedly spying on us and monitoring all our online activity. These vary from the
INTRODUCTION Cybersecurity is evolving as critical, challenging aspects of the information age with implications for state security, global legal frameworks, human rights, civil authorities, and the economy. However, the governments have been aware of the challenges posed by cyber insecurity since the evolvement of internet technology. Difficulties in addressing the matter have dramatically increased rather
Introduction In the last few years, the use of social media has risen greatly. People all over the world have realized the potential of social media as a communication tool and as an aid for interaction. As such, the number of users continues to increase constantly. As this happens, organizations are increasingly realizing the potential
Introduction of Online Voting Online voting or the electronic voting is a system of voting that is based on the web to securely help in the managing of elections. Here, votes and voters are not needed to reach the booths in different polling stations and thus everything including vote casting is done through the computer.
Construction of Complete Denture using CAD/CAM Technology Oral infections affect most ageing population across the globe and this has been a subject of concern of the past decades. Periodontal diseases, endentualism and gingivitis are some of the oral infections which eventually lead to a person losing some of their teeth or all teeth (Alghazzawi, 2016).
Understanding the challenge Terrorism as a major threat to CIs CIs have faced previous exposures to hazards including natural calamities, technical difficulties, and criminal activities, and the protection of CI as a separate policy was after the repercussions of the 9/11 occurrence (Bogdanoski et al.2013, p. 8). Over the past years, terrorists have increased their
An example of an organization that may have an urgent contingency plan is one that deals with cloud computing services and its known worldwide. This is the amazon web services (AWS) which serves different regions in the world, and its end users are entitled to monitor and observe the system, servers operation and should report
In this article Jean Twenge looks at the possibility that smartphones have destroyed a generation. Twenge utilizes her vast knowledge about generations and analyzes how these generations have changed over the years. According to Twenge, there are many factors which shape a generation and each generation has unique attributes but it is also possible for
Introduction The implementation of technologies in learning, research and businesses has come a long way.  This has been facilitated through Information Communication Technology (ICT) web 2.0 tools and its capabilities. For instance, researchers need to embrace the change necessitated by Information Communication Technologies as a way to fully understand the ever evolving world and knowledge