Pareto analysis is used in decision making through the application of statistical techniques in the selection of a limited number of problems that produce the significant overall effect. The analysis uses the Pareto principle which states that doing 20% of the entire part of the job the generated benefit will be approximately 80% of the
In statistical researches, a description of data and analysis of a hypothesis is so crucial. Additionally, a keen assessment of relationships that occur amongst variables is essential since this will lead to an accurate solution to the study problem. Determining the causes and the effects of variance that exists in variables is essential in making
The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics contains data for the fastest growing occupations and fastest declining occupations. It displays data in 2019 and is projected in 2029. Data recorded describes how some areas are growing and how fast other sites are declining to lead to job loss. The data projections I clustered the data I
According to big Clarke (2016), data is a large volume of data in a field that extracts information and analyzes it in a systematic manner that could be cumbersome when dealt with by traditional software. Big data analytics have several benefits that include portfolio risk reevaluation, increasing customer loyalty as well as improving customer engagement,