The future of the family unit depends on numerous transformations in modern society. Globalization is considered as the main factor responsible for the change in social perspective regarding the family unit. Technology has also contributed immensely towards the change with the social setup of a family. Social media, as an advancement of technology, has redefined
Movie Analysis: The Hunting Ground The Hunting Ground is a 2015 documentary film disclosing the incidence of sexual assault on the American college campuses. Written by Kirby Dick and produced by Amy Ziering, the documentary features interviews of multiple students who experienced sexual assault at their college campuses and were ignored by the administrators or
Social Work and Human Services Social work and human services refer to all activities involved in providing care and support to respective individuals in society. Considerably, intervention methods are the selected activities carried out to the individuals, referred to as the targets, to help solve their challenges. For example, an intervention can include offering guidance
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average retirement age stands at 63. However, at this age, social security benefits tend to reduce and Medicare is not available as well. With this in my mind, my plan is to retire at the age of 65. I believe that retiring at this age will still allow
It is common to find criminals of both genders. Some people feel emotionally detached when one of their loved ones is imprisoned. Female drug addicts end up in rehabilitation centers in the U.S. This category of criminals has inmates who are parents or guardians to children. Whenever they are arrested, they are denied their human
Accessibility to quality healthcare services has been historically hampered by the high cost of vital services especially for patients with preexisting medical conditions. Over the past decades, it has become a divisive political issue with presidential candidates outlining policy blueprints to tackle the problem. This article focuses on one such blueprint proposed by President Donald
Communities require a set of public services for a healthy economy. Political philosophers claim that healthy nations enjoy the benefits of progressive economies. In most countries, however, income earning levels are different ranging from high to low income earning categories. High-income earners occupy a class of wealthy individuals who can afford high-quality services in education
Social workers apply the generalist intervention model in their daily practice to help clients get over their conflicts. A generalist intervention approach encompasses several phases designed to enhance the service user capacity to deal with difficulties they are facing. The generalist perspective can be used to solve conflicts at micro, macro, and mezzo level. The
There is global concern about teaching sex education in schools. Sex education has long-term implicative influence on the child’s beliefs, attitudes and relations with persons of the opposite gender. Only until recently has sexual education been emphasized in the curriculum. Despite its introduction, sexual education in schools is inappropriate as it could lure the students
Advocacy for Human Trafficking Education in Schools Senator Perry E. Thurston, Jr. District Office 2151 NW 6th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 (954) 321-2705 Senate VOIP: 43300 FAX (888) 284-6086 SB 982: Human Trafficking Education in Schools: GENERAL BILL by Senator Perry E. Thurston Jr. Dear Senator Perry E Thurston Jr., I am writing to you