Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that results from exposure to traumatic stressors, including war, violent crime, natural calamities, and sexual abuse. These events are life-threatening and cause an intense feeling of horror, fear, and helplessness. PTSD first appeared in the mainstream media during the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The United
Critique of sociologists work Ervin Goffman in his work “The presentation of self in everyday life” makes a comparison about social interaction with theater. According to Goffman individuals just like actors only reveal a part of themselves that they want others to see while concealing other parts of them. Individuals in the community can be
Evil in the real world is often associated with deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination, humiliation, and acts that are likely to cause violence. Evil in society is often used to depict immorality. There has been an argument as to whether the term “evil” should be applied or abandoned in legal, political, and moral discourse. However, in the
Gender division of labor is the division of labor either at home or in the community based on individual’s gender. The community is responsible for creating the perceptions that individuals have towards different genders in the community. In the past women have been deemed as a weaker gender compared to men. Therefore men have been
An organization can assess interaction between a client and a worker in two ways. First, it can use a personal review whereby an employee objectively evaluates him or herself. Unfortunately, personal evaluation is not common in organizations because it may be affected by individual bias and prejudice towards a client. The second approach is to
Society has norms that guide the behavior and actions of each member and regards these norms as the underlying unwritten laws each member has knowledge of and should follow. Members of the society, therefore, regard any action and behavior that go against these norms as deviant behavior. Deviant behavior can also mean going against the
Recently, there have been media debates on cultural appropriation in sports. This practice is represented broadly in sports where various leagues and sports teams have taken the initiative to use their indigenous names and icons to promote their teams.  The examples of these teams include Washington Redskins, Chicago Blackhawks and Cleveland Indians. Moreover, some other
Criminal punishment is a penalty or pain which is legalized towards individuals who have committed crime within a given society. Criminal punishment aims at achieving justice for individuals who have been wronged by the perpetrator. In addition, criminal punishment aims at rehabilitating, restoring, deterring, retribution and incapacitating individuals who have committed crime. Mike is 22
Since his campaigns, Donald Trump stressed on immigration reforms and border security. According to him, undocumented immigrants contributed immensely to crime, drug and human trafficking as well as unemployment. He furthered his emphasis on immigration and border security during his inauguration by promising American workers and families that they will benefit from decisions made on
Religion is socio-cultural hence people have different beliefs about the supernatural being. Therefore, individuals should respect the cultural performances of each believer. The Story of God by Morgan freeman explores the ideas and traditions of different religion. The film showcases how religions direct believers towards truth that is recorded in the reference books such as