Discuss the points in the film you found most interesting, informative, provocative, or otherwise worthy of discussion. Business of Disaster, film details the agony that homeowners underwent at the hands of flood insurance companies who failed to honor compensation agreements as per the policies. It is interesting to know that victims of Superstorm Sandy with
Role theory is concerned with a set of cultural behavior, developed through social expectations given to a defined group. Mothers are the embodiment of love and care, which makes them proliferate child welfare and become more competent in the status (Eagly & Wood, 2016). Motherhood is acquired through child-bearing or assumption of a similar responsibility.
How Rigid Gender Expectations from Society May Become Oppressive to Both Men and Women Several changes have been witnessed in the 21st century, including same-gender marriage and promoting cultural diversity. One of the greatest achievements in this century is the eradication of the irrelevant traditional beliefs, customs, and attitudes toward gender roles. In past societies,
Societal ills are on the rise and caused significant suffering to individuals and communities. Examples of social ills include violent crimes, bullying, racism, delinquency, discrimination, drug abuse, poverty and homelessness among others. The breakdown of families is a global phenomenon and has profound effects on children and the society. Additionally, the problem seems to be
Abstract The gender-conflict theory is important as far as changing today’s societal perception of gender equality is concerned. Also known as feminist theory, it has helped to address the challenges related to gender inequality that faced women in society. This paper explores founders of the theory, its major ideologies, and importance.   Feminism and Gender-Conflict
Yellow Corvette Commercial Question 1 In the CarMax TV Commercial, the male walks into Carl Max to purchase a used car. While being shown around, he spots a yellow corvette to which he is instantly attracted. He resolves to purchase the yellow corvette without going around to check other cars available. The yellow corvette is
Introduction The purpose of this critical discussion paper is to explore the different social values that drive and inform social welfare policy. Social values are essential for any social worker aspiring to make a considerable change in the community. Therefore, the analysis focuses on five main social values and debates. The discussion is presented using
In the article, The Global City and the Global Slum, Sassen looks at slums in big global cities. According to Sassen, the global slums that emerge in global cities offer refuge to the poor rural dwellers that come to seek a living in these large cities but cannot afford expensive residentials. Further, Sassen notes that
Poverty is one of the major challenges that countries across the world continue to battle. In every nation, governments and their policies have tried to eliminate poverty, some making declarations, and targets of when they would wish to eliminate poverty. Poverty, particularly in low-income neighborhoods, is of great concern, given its effect on children’s education
Gender theory emanates from two intersecting thoughts. The first poses a psychological theory of sexual identity. The second feeds on the first, but deploys a societal reflection, mainly as a theorization of sexual lifestyles and gender inequality. Formerly, the boy had his destiny all traced, from masculinity and, later, fatherhood. On the other hand, for