The social phenomenon is analyzed from different perspectives and at different levels. Sociologists study every specific event from large social patterns. European sociologists have also offered a wide conceptualization of society’s fundamentals and its workings. Today, there are three major perspectives that offer theoretical paradigms that are commonly used by sociologists. These theoretical approaches aid
The author describes East Asia and North Atlantic development paths and how both paths were shaped from a particular history. He lays emphasis on a set of drastic changes in the accessibility of critical physical resources in the late18th and early 19th centuries, which significantly stretched the differences in both institutions between highly developed regions
Morrisson, Christian. Education and Health Expenditure and Poverty Reduction in East Africa: Madagascar and Tanzania. Paris: OECD, Development Centre of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2002. Print This book illustrates that, in cases of poor nations, guidelines targeted at the worldwide supply of health and education services benefit the inadequate considerably. The guide
Introduction Fraud takes place when an individual intentionally deceives in order to obtain something, which is beneficial or of an advantage but is not entitled to or when an individual deliberately denies another person a benefit that is due and to which they are entitled (Derrig 1). Insurance fraud refers to a deceitful act carried
The concept of resilience is common among social workers since they need to help their clients to perform better than expected amidst adversities of life. Social workers can also use various techniques to assess whether their intervention is playing a crucial role in enhancing the resilience of their clients. The researcher encountered a case in
Social work is a fast-growing career that is composed of intellectual and emotionally sound professionals representing people and their respective needs. The profession has in the past produced agents of change who have made significant changes and contributions in the life of people in societies. The changes are envisaged in a broad array of social
Drug abuse is a significant societal problem that is being aggravated by the current emergence of new synthetic drugs. Technological advancements and the proliferation of the internet have fostered the development and dissemination of synthetic drugs, such as methamphetamine and ecstasy. The majority of the new drugs are created through the synthesis of strong chemicals
The model of assessment and formulation has become the center of focus in debates on clinical and social work practices. Dean and Poorvu (2008) in, “Assessment and formulation: A contemporary social work perspective”, assert that the form that clinical and social work practices are likely to take in the future will be strongly influenced by
Ethical Issues Presented in the Case A prominent law firm, Hook, Line, and Sinker hired Christina Benning as a consultant in jury selection for an upcoming murder trial. During the course of the trial, Christina Benning created a model for predicting decision-making injuries which enabled the law firm to win the murder case. Christina Benning
Assessment of the various multiple systems inherent in human problems is essential in the practice of social work. In the field of social work, assessment involves gathering, analyzing, reviewing, and applying pertinent data in conjunction with several social theoretical frameworks to achieve positive outcomes in society. Human problems are defined and shaped by intricate interactions