Effects of Social Media on the Society The developmental changes and technological advances in the world today have created new mechanisms of how individuals engage in their day-to-day relations. The impact of social media, which rose as a result of technological advances in the communication industry, has widely spread in the world today. Through social
Medical Ultrasound History and Echocardiography Application Introduction There are many names that are used to describe an ultrasound including sonogram, diagnostic sonography or an ultrasonography (Leonard 89). Medical sonography (ultrasonography) is an ultrasound-based imaging technique used in diagnostic medicals that are utilized in visualizing small and delicate body organs such as muscles, tendons and many
Darien Scheme Darien Scheme was an unfortunate ambition of a few people to establish a colony on the Isthmus of Darien in the year 1698. Following the ill-faced scheme, Scotland lost its economic stability and became bankrupt. According to history, Darien Scheme was a creation of William Peterson, the founder of the Bank of England.

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