1: Background of the Case Study Infectious conjunctivitis refers to the inflammation of the conjunctiva a membrane covering sclera due to viral or bacterial infection. Infectious conjunctivitis caused by bacteria is known as Bacterial conjunctivitis while viral conjunctivitis is caused by contagious viruses. Common symptoms associated with infectious conjunctivitis are reddening of the eye and
Eating disorders are a category of psychological disorders that generally affect fewer people compared to other psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The effects of eating disorders are, however, profound, making it necessary to establish effective treatment methods for the conditions. Various challenges are often faced in explaining the epidemiology of eating disorders,
Culture consists of shared understandings and standards held by a group: a body of mutually agreed-upon values, norms and beliefs that work as a nonverbal grammar and also as a source of identity, of ethnic pride and of group unity (Gilmore 222). According to Montashery (27), “gender identity starts with the knowledge and awareness, whether
Abstract This qualitative research is premised on Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues’ assertions that there is a link between administering the MMR vaccine and autism and the gastrointestinal disease in children. Their publication received wide publicity, consequently resulting to a drop in the up-take of the MMR vaccination as most parents perceived and linked the
Re-Introduction of Motorsports in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Introduction The biggest issue surrounding the global sports field today is the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brail. However, this event for a significant number of years has not supported motorsports.  Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) President Jean Todt has for the better part of half a
Mona Hatoum Introduction  Mona Hatoum is one of the internationally acclaimed female artists across the world. Coming from a society that is never heard of in terms of great success in art forums, Mona stands out as one of the individual who gave this rare community a chance to be part and parcel of art
Abstract Brands are psychologically meaningful to consumers as they enable them to create individual identity. Numerous researches have been conducted on consumer purchase habit but most of the findings have been inconclusive. The current study involved 50 international students and sought to examine their brand purchasing habits. Research findings revealed that the vast majority of
Online Gambling Introduction Gambling is anything but new. It has been in existence since time immemorial. Every community had its way of gambling; some unique to others and some similar in the way the other community practiced gambling. It is a term that is used to refer to the wagering of something of material value
Training and Development Introduction Modern organizations are always struggling to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage in terms of performance and market due to competition and technological changes. Human intellectual investment is more vital in this case than the financial asset investments. They have developed the training and development programs to renew and increase working
How to Write a Scientific Research Paper It is always recommended that you know how to write a scientific research paper in order to enhance your performance in science assignments and term papers. Science is a discipline that is quite vast and writing standard research reports or papers is one of the best ways through