The Essay (1500 words) is comprised of three parts:   Part I (500-600 words) is a summary of The Life We’re Looking for by Andy Crouch which includes an overview of his argument and main ideas. In continued conversation with Crouch,   Part II (600-700 words) you will identify a particular feature of your current
Introduction The Quran is the Scripture of the Muslim community, which now numbers one-fifth to one-quarter of the world’s population. It is a keystone of the great Islamic community in the modern generation. In fact, the Quran has been ranked among the most influential writings of all generations. It has, however, been little understood outside
) What is happening within the text? Who are the characters? The book of Psalms 9 is an example of a lament psalm, springing from the conviction that God is in control of our lives, especially when we are in distress. In particular, the chapter contains praises, petitions, celebrations, and setbacks[1]. The main characters in
Proof of Faith In Proslogium, Shannon feels that Anselm is trying to use his explanation of God as “something that needs to be grasped and not reasoned about”, to define faith (Shannon 86).  Reasoning and philosophical thinking can hinder the development of faith by offering counter-arguments on the existence of God. Chapter 1- Proslogium In
At a time when the immigration debate has gained momentum, it has become imperative that nations determine the best way forward in regard to handling immigrants and protecting the interests of their citizens. Immigrants are usually victims of circumstances, having been born in regions ravaged by such issues as warfare, hunger, and disease, among other
The concept of meditation has existed for centuries, and is common in the East Asian region amongst Buddhist monks. Before, the 21st-Century, meditation was regarded as a myth in most Western nations, and hence, it received minimum attention. However, an increase in stress and anxiety levels among individuals in the contemporary society has led to
Questions about relations between Christianity and Islam continue to receive attention in the media and society at large. One of the questions that have been asked about Christians and Muslims is whether they worship the same God. The question has been a controversial one across the United States with a portion of Christians arguing that
Faith Integration Question 1 Competition in business is inevitable and individuals have to devise strategies that could enable them not only cope with competitors but also have a healthy relationship with their competitors. Healthy competition in business can be advantageous since it can help to grow the business sector. Moreover, healthy competition ensures that businessmen
The Gospel of Mark is the briefest of the four gospels in the New Testament since some illustrious information about Jesus is missing. It appears that the book of Mark was the first gospel to be authored, and it was written at a time when Romans were persecuting Christians. The major theme of the gospel
Christian Perspective of the Nature of Spirituality and Ethics vs Perspective of Postmodern Relativism Within Health Care Christians believe that God exists as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They further argue that God is a supernatural being that exists in different forms that are beyond human beings’ understanding. Despite others’ perception that the only