River Ganges is also known as Ganga the holiest river in any religion. The Ganges originates from a cave at Gaumukh in the Indian Himalayas. Though regularly polluted, it plays important roles to Hindu community. River Ganges basin extends approximately one million km2 and encompasses parts of India, China and Bangladesh. The river is 2,525km
What beliefs are conveyed in the assigned surahs. [The assigned surahs are:  Surah 1, Surah 99, Surah 109, Surah 2, Surah 4.]   Think about the topics of monotheism, the roles of women, practices for everyday living.  Which messages of the Qur’an would be effective in aiding the expansion of the religion? Surah 1 This is the introduction to the Quran. The
Introduction Imagine you are out on a hiking trip up the hill. Your map indicates that you will encounter an unavoidable rocky path infested by poisonous snakes and other unfriendly animals along the way. How to make sure that you cross the dangerous part of the journey is a question that can be stressful, and
The book of Revelation is the last book in the Christian bible. As Esposito, Fasching, and Lewis explain, the book is believed to have been written by a man identified as John (136). Christians believe that John wrote the book after he received visions while on the Island of Patmos.  Despite being written out of
Introduction Is religion an integrating or dividing factor in societies of the 21st century? This is arguably the most difficult question to answer in its general form because religion can do both. It is unlikely to state that all wars’ recorded in the human history have been largely contributed by the religion but there also
Why have all known human cultures developed religious beliefs? All societies have attempted to answer the question of the meaning of life. It is in doing so that man has discovered that there is a greater power than himself that causes things to appear the way they do and to function the way they do.
Introduction This paper seeks to examine the relationship between incarnation and atonement, focusing on Anselm’s idea of satisfaction. Christian study comprises of the incarnation and atonement of the Son of God. A lot of theological doctrines have evolved following numerous studies that have been undertaken by several theologians among them Anselm. He presents incarnation as
Question 1: The kind of life events and behaviors of Mohamed that distinguished him as important to Muslims and personal impression of his personality. Mohamed is an illuminating and path paver to the Muslims who would always want to live like him. The Muslims believe in the faith of Mohamed being their focus of confidence,
Rajapakse, R. (1986). Buddhism as religion and philosophy. Religion, 16(1), 51-55. This paper concentrates upon one of the problems confronting a student of Buddhism, namely whether Buddhism is a religion or a philosophy. In this article, Kalasiruya defines Buddhism as a complete religion that has distinctively different goals from other religions. The simple religion of
The Essay (1500 words) is comprised of three parts:   Part I (500-600 words) is a summary of The Life We’re Looking for by Andy Crouch which includes an overview of his argument and main ideas. In continued conversation with Crouch,   Part II (600-700 words) you will identify a particular feature of your current