Virtue: Aristotle or Kant’s Accounts on Ethics? The notion of virtue has an intensive history of the moral philosophy. Aristotle made the first attempt to discover what entails a virtue but philosophical critic indicates that it has not acquired enough exposition for being considered suitable. Nevertheless, Aristotle indicated that if a person is has a
Ethics and moral Ethics and morals relate to the conduct of wrong and right. Ethics is a philosophical branch which entails the defending, systematizing and the recommendations of right and wrong concept with an objective of solving the moral diversity dispute. Moral theory, ethical theory and philosophical ethics are some of the terms used to
Effects of Legalization of Marijuana Drug abuse is a common problem in many countries through out the world. Drugs refer to substances that affect the functioning of the body for medicinal, recreational, intoxication or performance enhancement purposes. Some drugs are legal for consumption while others are still prohibited and illegal to sell and consume in
Literature on Finance Abstract Finance is a multi faceted field that encompasses several different stages, development, and applications. It is concerned with the management of the flow of money through savings, investments, and use. Financial practitioners require a higher level of thinking since the financial decisions being made require advanced theoretical knowledge in finance, leadership,
Mobile Phones on Airplanes Introduction             Mobile phones and related wireless technology has become an integral part of day-to-day human lives. This is because of their effectiveness of exchanging information and they enable the users to remain connected with their families, friends and work associates in spite of the different geographical locations. The widespread use
Deductive and Inductive Deductive argument is a way of reasoning in which the conclusion is in accordance with the principles of logic, perhaps as a person or in mind from the given statements to support the argument also known as a premise. The deductive argument can be sound/valid or invalid/ unsound. A deductive argument is
Gossip in the Workplace Gossip is normally an informal way of communication experienced in every situation in the workplace. According to Hallett, Brent, and Donna (27), gossip is often groundless and sensational talk about others. In addition, this language causes harm and confusion to others. It pains others when used in their absence. Mostly, it
Philosophy 1) Explain and evaluate the notions of Karma, samsara, and Nirvana. Karma is the law that deals with cause and effects that occurs in a person’s life. It occurs as a result of a person’s action.  Before a person can reach nirvana, he/she must undergo a process of birth and rebirth. The aspect of
Epistemological beliefs Epistemological beliefs are an area of research that has been used to ascertain the level of thought for individuals in analyzing various factors, situations, issues, and activities. According to the existing research, there is minimal reference and research of epistemological beliefs on how individuals conduct their day-to-day lives. One of the primary fields
Friedman and Pogge’ Accounts of Ethical Obligations of a Company Milton Friedman argued that since business executives are agents of the business owners, their key ethical responsibility is to boost the business profits. According to Thomas Pogge, such a view involves a kind of ethical incoherence and that people should not agree to the effectiveness