Ethical terms are very complicated and simple at the same time. More often than not, the philosophical side of statements raises more questions than the one it answers. The alignment of humans with a perceived outcome or simplicity of a statement often leads to mixed results when asked as a question. Ethics are all about
The Tragedy of the Commons is an article written by an American Philosopher Garrett Hardin. The article argues that overpopulation is exhausting the resources in the world and humans are destined to desolation. It begins by introducing two superpowers producing missiles to spread their supremacy and defend their citizens. Hardin argues that this state of
Philippe explores the ethics of Anthropology in dangerous spaces such as social justice, human rights, democracy and conflict. In (Philippe 44) He notes that there are those ethnographies of inner city street life that often succumb to ethnic and class apartheid as well as institute ignorance towards the politics of social despair on U.S. city
Introduction             Poets Aeschylus of the Oresteia and philosopher Plato in the Republic try to give an account of how justice came into existence in the human society or polis. Aeschylus and Plato present their opinions on how justice came into existence in the community in completely different ways. Aeschylus gives an account of this
Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic concepts are the most popular in contemporary grief examinations. In his grieving theory, Freud asserts that mourning and melancholia are comparable but different reactions to loss. The primary mourning process, as described by Freud, comprises the painful, and consequently, the unforeseen denial of accepting the reality of a loss. However, Freud’s understanding
The Bowen theory has its basis on the idea that individuals function as one emotional unit. Therefore, making it easier to understand them and their problems especially in the context of their family relationships and personal ties (Titelman & Reed, 2018). A person’s emotional well-being is dependent on the negative or positive impact of their
Conway states that there are three kinds of substances, including God, Christ and creatures. According to Anne Conway, the substance of God comprises of pure spirit, and the substance of Christ covers both man and God (Borcherding, 5). As such, the substance of Christ includes both matter and spirit. Christ is the bridge for the
What does Plato think is problematic about human embodiment, and why is this bad particularly for bodies interpreted as female? The physical roles, and cognitive features of both males and females are highly based on their physical aspects. Unlike men who are portrayed as having physical strength, high intelligence and authority, the traditional perspective towards
Introduction             Kant’s principle of humanity is often confused with his principle of universalizability since they both relate to one’s relationship with others. However, while the latter deals with the moral importance of fairness, the principle of humanity relates to the moral treatment of others through respect and dignity. According to this principle, one should
A terrorist is considered in the United States as a criminal with an advanced sense of guilt and criminality due to the adversity of his/her actions that results in the damage of property, injuries, and death of victims. Consequently, the US treats this person as a criminal devoid of some specific rights that would constitutionally