A terrorist is considered in the United States as a criminal with an advanced sense of guilt and criminality due to the adversity of his/her actions that results in the damage of property, injuries, and death of victims. Consequently, the US treats this person as a criminal devoid of some specific rights that would constitutionally
Many people argue that the natural world and human existence in the universe point towards a divine creator that brought all of this existence. To the best of human knowledge, the earth consists of a plethora of conditions that allow for our existence. Thus, no otherworld can match the earth. Human enjoy various ingredient of
Technology is transforming teaching practices in modern learning institutions. Higher learning institutions use technology to conduct research and provide recommendations on best teaching practices. My philosophy entails introducing technology to children in early childhood institutions. It is through technology that children will survive in future economies. Innovation is an objective of this philosophy as it
The article’s principal point is that there is an existing tension between whites and blacks on whether whites can sing blues as blacks. This worsens the ongoing debates of whether racist practices targeting blacks are becoming more widespread. In recent times, there has been heightened tension in regard to the socioeconomic differences existing between whites
In his argument, Matheny states that nonhumans are sensitive beings and this gives them the right to live a painless and pleasurable life. This shows that using animals for food is an unethical act. Matheny believes that every human being should adopt the vegan ideology. Matheny’s argument can be disproved on the grounds that human
Hallaq’s argument that Islamic state is essentially impracticable hold’s some truth irrespective of the criticisms put forth by Abu-Odeh and March.  Hallaq’s critiques believe that as long as God is the sovereign rule, the church and the Islam should not create any distinctions. The argument by Hallaq (2014:1 -10) is that the “Islamic State” based
Socratic method is dialogue approach that utilizes the aspects of cooperative argumentative skills based on addressing questions using critical thinking. It aims to draw out the underlying presumptions of an argument or discussion by analyzing different sections of the topic being discussed. The Greek philosopher, Socrates, utilized this method in teaching students by asking them
The list of the seven social sins is token of knowledge given by Mohandas Gandhi trying to show the world a life without violence or strife. Using this list Gandhi aimed at expressing how inhuman behavior by individuals arises. It is however not the original work of Gandhi as the list originated from England from

Sample Philosophy Questions on Realism

(Q1) Realism is the view that the non-observable events or objects exists in reality while anti realism is the view that the truth of existence rests on the ability to demonstrate.  The former believes that the truth in statement is proven by its correlation to objective reality while the latter believes that the truth of
Question 1 The author seeks to address the need to socially and practically engage philosophical practices in all innovations. For example, he emphasizes that people often gamble on the success of future innovations to bail them out of socioeconomic and political problems created by innovations, inventions utilized without understanding their impact to the society fully