Infants of Diabetic Mothers Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Etiology Diabetic mothers have glucose intolerance of different levels, which they may have been living with, or occurs in the course of pregnancy. Approximately 20-50% of the infants of diabetic mothers develop macrosomia, characteristically described as a birth weight that exceeds the 90th percentile, 4 kg. Infants with
Summary News Article Summary In an article titled The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling, the author Steven Heller (2015) have stated that whenever an individual is drawing an object, their mind becomes intensively and deeply involved in it leading to them paying special attention to what they are doing. It is through this art of paying
Physics Paper on What Causes a Rainbow? Rainbows occur due to the refraction, dispersion and reflection of sunlight by water droplets in the atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light (Myers 161). The spectrum forms an arc of seven colors across the sky, occurring directly across from the sun. Therefore, if the sun is in
Sample Reflection Paper on Children I have always grown to admire children. To me, children are innocent, and special young being and hence need special care for quality growth. A person’s early life greatly determines who they become in all aspects of life including their traits, personality and even potential for being successful. I very
Sample Physical Paper on President Trump Advert I am in full agreement of the actions taken by CNN mainstream media not to air an advertisement of president Trump that the network considers to be fake. It is the sole responsibility of any media organization to promote truth and other ethical values within the society (Steff
Musical Aesthetics Introduction Music is an exceptional art form, due to its influence on the emotive parts of the human being. Understanding the concept of music aesthetics is thus one of the ways through which the diverging musical appeal can be understood. As compared to other art forms, music does not offer visual appeal and
Victimization of Women in Alice Munro’s Princess Ida Even though women currently have made enhanced social, economic, and political progress, society has struggled with the issue of gender victimization for centuries. Authors, activists, and artists are some of the many people who have attempted to highlight or mirror the repression of women in society, and
Reflection Paper on Early Childhood Education Early childhood education is significant for children below the age of seven/eight. The sooner and more effective children start developing, the greater adaptability to the fast changing world they may have. I want to work in the field of early childhood education as it allows cultivating a child’s interest
Sample Movie Review on The Giver There is a popular belief that ignorance might be bliss. People do not worry about things they do not know, and sometimes it is better that way for them to live a happier life. This is well portrayed in the movie The Giver, a 2014 science fiction film based
Abstract Dietary fiber intake has numerous health benefits. Nevertheless, the average fiber consumptions for most United States families are below half of the commended levels. People with high intakes of dietary fiber are at a lower risk for acquiring diabetes. Soluble fiber from psyllium is a prospective natural dietary supplement for consumption in nutritional rehabilitation