Abstract In recent time, the heart failure disease (HF) is advancing to be a global epidemic that results in substantive mortality in the population. In addition, heart failure contributes immensely to an increased cost of healthcare expenditures and also it’s a burden to the families affected. In the last three decades, there has been significant
Introduction In the recent past, many theorists have come up with models that explain change. Some of the theorisers include Lewin, Havelock, Rogers, Lippitt and Kotter.  According to Clay and Brett (2017), Kotter illustrated an eight-step progression for cultural change. Kotter later changed his idea of structural change from top-down to deliberate bottom-up development. This
Introduction Antibiotics resistance has become a significant issue to deal with in the world today. How human beings consume antibiotics has changed. According to (CDC 2020), antibiotic resistance is evident in the case that germs such as bacteria and fungi do grow the ability to conquer the drugs that are originally meant to kill them.
A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be defined in literal terms as a hit or penetration on the head that causes an alteration of the normal functionalities of the brain. TBI can result when the head experiences an abrupt intense contact with a heavy object or is perforated through. The symptoms can be slight, mildly
Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) is a bloodstream form of infection that develops within 48 hours of central line placement. Infections are the costliest to cure when they occur. Particularly the literature indicates that most cases are preventable when proper techniques of surveillance are applied together strategies that promote the health of the patients. The
Purpose To ensure that accountability and information required for the care of a patient are transferred effectively and on time from one nurse to the other during a change of shift. To also ensure that effective communication is considered during the whole process of nurse handoffs.  Another purpose of this project is to ensure that
How can you spot a person that is suffering from depression? It is simple and easy. You can notice it with your friend, as an instance, when they suddenly exhibit sudden change of mood due to traumatic event. Another concerning issue is that if your friend tells you that she or he is planning to
As primary care practitioners, Oncology Nurses are visible community resources when it comes to healthcare delivery and education. Oncology Nurses have a uniquely ideal capability to practice health promotion as they see a broad scope of patient acuity and a variety of illnesses. This scholarly paper aims to highlight the role of oncology nurses in
Introduction Gallagher Nursing is a private state of the art medical facility consisting of adequate facilities for diagnosis and treatment of both mild and acute ailments. The facility’s medical equipment is a replica the center’s performance where it attains above average score in the all the major key performance indicators in the health sector. The
Develop an aesthetic appreciation of the science and the art of nursing. The aesthetic is an artistic strategy to beautify something/someone by an individual or an organization. Nursing is one of the most diverse aspects of the world that involves improving the lives of the needy through medication. Aesthetic is significant in the art of