Introduction The Brazilian population draws most of its cultural, artistic and economic aspects from Africans, particularly Angola and Congo. In the dance discipline, more emphasis is on the significance of dance as a key cultural tradition. People use dancing as a tool to communicate with others. It emanates from people’s thoughts and is part of
During the mid-century, blues music took the better part of the American music industry. The history of the music cannot be made away with. This is because; the past has influenced the contemporary music we play. The blues have been drawn from the mid-century that includes different genres. This brings the idea that without the
Music can be defined as a sound that is pleasant to the ear. It plays a vital role in the lives of many individuals regardless of the class of music. Music also fulfills the emotional needs of people depending on the tone and the words. It has been there in the past centuries, and it’s
Sign language involves the use of signs and symbols to portray information. Although it is mostly associated with the deaf, sign language seems relevant in the society. Understanding the sign language helps in creating appropriate relationship between the deaf and the entire society. Good communication skills facilitate development of a successful society. The same society
The Brasil Guitar Duo Concert played at the Kennedy church is a unique concert piece. The duo comprises two talented guitar players, Joao Luiz and Douglas Lora, who play together to produce unique guitar sounds. The duo played different renditions of the classical, traditional Brazilian guitar ranging from different compositions written by different music masters,
Music is available to us every day because it is something we hear in cars, work and homes among other places. To some, music is mainly for entertainment while others believe that music influences brain, mood and behavior. Psychologists assert that people are often introduced to music when they are still in their mothers’ womb
With the increasing number of the geriatric population in the United States, the rates of conditions such as dementia associated with age progression has also risen. Dementia in the elderly is associated with impaired cognitive functions that may result in depression, memory loss, change in behavior, and disorientation. The most common form of primary dementia
Sample Music Essays on Music and culture Have you ever thought about how awesome music is? The joy of performing and listening to music forms a universal language that connects people across cultures and across time. There are different genres of music being played all over the world.  I have been fortunate enough to attend
Introduction February 7th, 1964, marks as one of most significant dates in Rock music history. On this day thousands of ecstatic Rock music fans gathered in New York at Kennedy Airport because UK band ‘the Beatles’ had just landed in America. According to Cohen (2016), ‘the Beatles’ were at the time the biggest rock band
Sample Music Culture Paper of jazz music Jazz enthusiasts consider New Orleans, United States, as the birthplace of jazz music. Perhaps, this consideration is one of the reasons why New Orleans boasts of outdoor and street jazz concerts, with each corner artist having a unique blend of the genres, particularly in the French Quarter (Chinen).