A news piece is supposed to cover real events for the purpose of informing the public. However, there are some news pieces that have inaccurate facts and assumptions, thus, can be considered to be fake. On that account, the following essay will conduct a comparative analysis of a real news article and a fake news
Introduction Traditional media has received what most scholars describe as a ‘blow’ with the advent of social media (Franklin, 2016. p. 487). The print media, newsrooms among other forms of traditional media, no longer enjoy the monopoly of news sources. Presently, it is possible to follow up live events using social media platforms like Facebook,
Research area The paper seeks to investigate the role played by the media in promoting sexual crimes against women in London, UK. Therefore, the study will be guided by the research question: What is the impact of biased media messages in promoting sex crimes against women in London? The study will contribute to the body
Acquiring news from the internet especially on politics is a common thing nowadays. The information contained on the internet is called online news. Many individuals are slowly migrating from watching television news and reading newspapers to depending on the internet for news. There is an absolute belief that internet or online news tends to be
Sarah Hale, in her magazine, not only defines the proper roles for women but also their ‘sphere.’ Just as it was the role for men to be known in the public and political domain as their sphere; women were considered to be at home naturally. At the time, this was the only sphere that the
News and information are available to all in this modern age. However, where one decides to get his or her information varies from one person to another. Bias in the dispensation of information is common today primarily through the Internet and journals. From the ‘black lives matter’ campaigns to the COVID-19 reporting, there has been
Effects of New Media New media has revolutionized how people communicate by use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and Instagram. These platforms have made it easy for people to connect with their families and friends on a real-time basis (Siddiqui, S., & Singh, T. 2016). Also called social media, New Media