Operations management involves the management of all aspects of a company’s production activities. As such, the operation management’s role is critical for an organization because it envisages the planning, execution, and supervision of the production of goods and services. For that matter, operations managers often plan, forecast, implement and optimize production activities aligned to a
The global financial sector is characterized by a dynamic environment continuously adapting to changes in industry regulation, technological innovation, and shifting economic landscapes. The success of financial institutions, such as banks, lies in how best they manage the numerous risks and returns that shape their business operations. The 2008 financial crisis, which devastatingly rocked the
Estate planning is an important aspect of the management of assets. However, a majority of the population neither understands what estate planning entails nor its applications. Therefore, an understanding of the applications of estate planning in asset management necessitates a study on Mr. John B. Ludwig’s case. Ludwig’s Case Mr. John B. Ludwig died in
Communication is a crucial tool in the success of a project. Miscommunication and communication gaps have led to the failure of many projects that had competent workers and stakeholders. The three main methods of communicating in projects include; interactive, push, and pull communication. Interactive communication allows all the stakeholders of the project to interact in
My dream job is to work in the law enforcement field as an FBI agent. My fascination with being an FBI agent stems from my interest in analyzing and solving crimes and the need to become part of the workforce that upholds national security and fights crime. Attaining this dream requires basic qualifications, an understanding
Numerous methods of conducting research exist, with each presenting distinct strengths and weaknesses including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches. In most cases, each research methodology is used separately. However, in some instances, they can be used together. Some of the commonly used methodologies in research include qualitative and quantitative research approaches. Quantitative research is one
Workplace diversity is of great concern to organizations in creating the optimal work environment. Despite increased awareness on the importance of workplace diversity, many organizations are still characterized by majority-minority divisions in different levels of leadership. For example, a 2015 survey by TalentCorp-PwC on Malaysian companies reveals that out of the 100 listed companies, only
The problem in Equifax The main problem that was facing Equifax is related to the data breach that occurred between May and July 2017. Hackers discovered that Equifax’s systems had unpatched vulnerabilities in early 2017. They breached the apache struts of the company before handing it over to another team of hackers, who exploited it
Given the factors in this situation, what, if any, ethical issues exist? The case presents two tempting solutions: plagiarizing and ghost writing. The former entails copying someone else’s work and presenting it as your own without acknowledging the author. The latter entails having someone else do the work for you entirely and presenting it as
The acquisition of management knowledge is essential in the navigation of the job market today. This is qualified by the various topics embedded in the whole course which together equip an individual with not only survival but also adaptable skills to the changing corporate environment. The application of management skills is relevant to and from