Robert Olivas Robert Olivas, I disagree with your opinion that there is a need to build new airports. Your opinion stems from the prediction that in 50 years, the percentage of passengers will double and that by 2035, the number of freighters will have increased by 30%. While these statistics feasibly justify the need to
Logistics I chose the article on a train carrying feces remaining stranded on a yard in Alabama for two months. The reason for the train’s predicament was the improper logistic used by the company. Studies indicate that poor logistics in a supply chain can lead to loss of customers. It is clear from the article
Part B Ford Company has been on the forefront in promoting environmental and social sustainability. The company is aware of the need to protect the environment while establishing strong and long term customer relationships. This does not stop with environment and customers, suppliers too are crucial in the success of Ford. The company has a
Characteristics of a Quality Organization Quality organization embraces the use of technology to create a change. In the video it is outlined that technology brings new ways of doing things (TEDx Talks, 2010). Technology can be disruptive or sustaining but the most significant aspect is the ability to transform work processes and procedures. For that,
Sample Logistics Paper on Nature and Ecology The sun and Antarctic are vast sources of heat and cold respectively. The cold ocean water around Antarctica flows north to mix with warmer water from the tropics, and its upwelling help to cool both the surface water and our atmosphere. According to Jacques Cousteau, human activity poses
Introduction The Office of energy efficiency and renewable energy (2017) describes wind as a form of solar energy that forms when there is the uneven distribution of heat in the earth’s atmosphere. Furthermore, the surface is irregularly shaped; the rotation of the earth also causes the wind to be formed. The flow of the wind
Theory of Attitude Change Attitude is a settled way of thinking about an object and it is typically reflected in an individual’s behavior. Additionally, attitude is subject to change by social factors as well as an individual’s intent to maintain cognitive consistency in the event of a cognitive dissonance. Different theories of attitude, such as
Port and Terminal Operations Shipping technology has been undergoing a revolution since the introduction of steam engine. The increase in population has resulted in in the raise of trading activities. Therefore, shipping industry faced the need to change for better adaptability to these numbers. As such, it has developed in response to the changes in
Logistics Management You are tasked with briefing the CEO on the financial status of the organization. How do you explain the financial performance of your organization? The financial performance of the organization can be evaluated based on different principles. In terms of liquidity, if the organization has more current assets as compared to the liabilities,
A New Growth Dynamics for Containerization The maritime industry is constantly researching on new ways to balance and reposition equipment. One of the key issues is the reloading of new containers for export and the optimization of intermodal networks. The economics of global trade require a balance between economies of scale and the cost of