Henry V movie is one of the popular films in British history. The film’s most interesting part is the historic speech of king V. In this speech; the king demonstrates his ability to adapt to the war situation that faced him; he is determined to fight rather than avoiding the war. His speech to the
The Judge’s Wife introduces the reader to Nicolas Vidal. We are informed that he was born to a single mother who was a prostitute and was prophesied at birth that his head would be lost to a woman. This prophecy has played a critical role in making certain that Vidal does not ally any woman
The study ‘Improving Door-to-balloon Time by Decreasing Door-to-ECG time for Walk-in STEMI Patients’ is written by Christopher J. Coyne, Nicholas Testa, Shoma Desai, Joy Lagrone, Roger Chang, Ling Zheng, and Hyung Kim. This study sought to investigate whether there would be an efficient diagnosis of STEMI in patients presenting with acute chest pain.  Interventions such
Abstract One of the major themes evident in wisdom literature is honesty. This study’s objective is to investigate how the authors of the wisdom literature have presented the theme of honesty in their books. Literature synthesis was applied to answer the research question, whereby various secondary sources were reviewed. It was found that the authors
Introduction Los Angeles has a long history of maintaining collective space for Chicanxs and Latinxs to come together and preserve cultural identity through sharing narratives on various platforms. There are non profit organizations that support Chicanas, Latinas, or Indigenias (CLI) in reclaiming their cultural identity; however, their events are not accessible to Chicanas, Latinas, or
Food safety is one of the primary public health concerns in the contemporary society, where food manufacturing has expanded significantly. Understanding foodborne pathogens is thus an essential step towards identification and control of risks to food safety. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) is increasingly gaining recognition as an approach to investigation, identification and control of foodborne microbial
The French assume that American expatriates living in France choose to do so due to their hate of their native country. They have negative perceptions towards Americans and judge them unfairly in most instances. The author of I Pledge Allegiance to The Bag, David Sedaris talks about being subjected to hate and unfair judgement during
“This is how you sweep the yard; this is how you sweep the whole house” (Bauer-maglin, 6). These are words from a mother to her daughter in a story that brings out a yielding relationship between a girl and her mother. Girl is a story written by Jamaica Kincaid which only involves two characters whereby
Terrance Hayes’ “What it Look Like,” from How to be Drawn collection (2015) explores how people see others against how they are seen by others. What something looks like may not be the real meaning. He insists that shape does change but feelings can stand the test of time. In this poem, Hayes, who himself
The three poems by Langston Hughes presents the theme of music through the use of common beat. The poem lines illustrates the emotional themes revealed in blue music such as love, sadness and lack of hope. Hughes uses music that existed in the slavery period that entails the call and response strategy, to establish an