Charisma is a character that is always admired by any leader. Charismatic leaders have an enormous capability to empower their followers to deliver extraordinary performance. This paper discusses the qualities and importance of a charismatic leader Self-confidence is one of the most important characteristics of a charismatic leader. Avolio and Yammarino (179), posit that if a
Organizational effectiveness is central to business success in the contemporary corporate environment. The concept of organizational effectiveness is concerned with the efficiency with which business organizations meet their set goals and objectives. Therefore, the concept of organizational effectiveness focuses on minimizing wastage by improving the capacity of business organizations to produce their desired output with
Globally, hospitals are under pressure to improve the quality of care while maintaining a high level of efficiency and cutting costs. Healthcare organizations must continually improve their processes by incorporating best practices and implementing sound policies throughout the system to achieve this. This paper addresses a quality improvement issue related to my current place of
Leaders in social enterprises have relatively the same traits as those in other kinds of organizations. They are capable of driving the achievement of objectives and can empower others. Because of these abilities, leaders in social entrepreneurship facilitate the commitment of themselves and others to organizational goals, which is one of the most important outcomes
Personal mastery is the ideologies and practices that enable a person to continually learn, deepen one’s vision, focus on one’s energy, and view the world objectively. Mastery calls for living purposely towards a vision that aligns with one’s values. Besides, the process involves a lifelong discipline that cannot be possessed but rather be frequently natured.
Introduction. Black Feminism and Black Feminist Epistemology is a source of subjugated knowledge that emanated from the distinctive themes of African-American women’s experiences. For long these experiences had been excluded from what counts as knowledge due to the lingering influence of elite White men who control the structures of knowledge. However, an in-depth analysis into
A unified leadership theory is basically the development of consciousness that is basic support for the complexity and behaviors and psychological qualities linked with leadership (Davies, et al., 2011). The firs strategy I will use in integrating the two theories is developing mutual respect between the leaders and the followers. This will increase the efficiency
Globally, most organizations thrive on effective leadership as well as strong culture. These two elements of organizational success are compulsory for any organization looking forward to efficient performance and high productivity. Effective leaders are equipped with the skills of leading, directing, and motivating other workers towards achieving the organization’s objectives and goals. Equally, these leaders
Effective leadership promotes the productivity of people in organizations. Good leaders influence and motivate their followers to perform well in their respective tasks. Since ancient times, masses have been led by influential leaders focused on meeting their end goals. While political leaders who were involved in implementing changes such as the abolition of the Jim
Introduction Change institutionalization is an important aspect in change management that helps the managers to ensure that the changes introduced are embraced by employees as the new way to operate.  The process of change is never easy. However, with proper guidance from the leadership and willingness of the employees to change, it is a worthwhile