Sample Law Paper on Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods   Alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR) unlike trials are less formal, less expensive and consumes less time (Hensler and Deborah 2003). They also put in the hands of the affected, the freedom to decide on the best solution. This paper aims at elaborating on these methods in
Offer and Acceptance An offer and acceptance is required for every contract. If an offer becomes is “agreeable”, it is paramount to “accept” based on the terms and conditions (Duhaime, 2007). When the offer has been accepted, it becomes valid. An acceptance gives a contract life. Through proper communication, the parties involved are required to
Genericide The loss of a trademark is a blow to companies that incur costs to maintain the names of their products. Companies that fail to safeguard their trademarks fear that their product names might become generic, leading to exploitation by third parties. For instance, escalator, zipper, and Aspirin, were once trademarks that expressed particular brands,
Recreational Drugs What are the issue and conclusion? The issue discussed in this topic accounts for the legalization of drugs such as marijuana. These drugs are sold in the underground economy despites criminalization of handling and transporting them either for sale or for personal use. The validation of these drugs ensures that the populations do
Personal Jurisdiction-Piercing the Veil Piercing the veil can be defined as holding directors, members, owners or shareholders personally accountable for any business debts. That is, it is as a situation in which the courts find owners or managers of limited liability companies or corporations legally responsible for any fraudulent business transactions (Cornell University Law School
Comparison of Defamation Laws in Saudi Arabia and the United States A religious leader sued a social media activist in Saudi Arabia, claiming that the activist had made defamatory remarks against him in a video post. The activist’s video post was made on an online forum that fights for women and children rights. It criticized
The fall of the Lehman Brothers The fall of the Lehman Brothers and their bankruptcy is one of the largest case of its kind ever to be witnessed  in the United States. Lehman Brothers filed their bankruptcy case in the year 2008, but this was only to unfold the deep-seated problem in failed internal regulations
CAPITAL MAINTENANCE REGIME Some of the highlights of the capital maintenance regime include guidelines involving coverage of administrative costs. It also provides guidelines about the benefits and costs of solvency tests or any other alternative method that may be applied in the determination of distributable dividends[1]. It gives protection for shareholders and creditors that are
Export and Import Taxation (WTO)             In reference to Article VI of GATT 1994, there are relevant implementation of the article identifies normal value and export price.  Normal value determines the weighted average basis compared to the prices of export transactions in terms of patterns of export prices among different regions. The normal value determines
Import and Export Tax The Functions of a ‘Panel’             During disagreements between states, a panel is normally constituted when a party to a particular disagreement case makes a request in writing. The panel requests normally include details of whether there were consultations held before, between the party in disagreement or not, the exact measures