Consistently, cops put their lives at stake – life and demise choices are some pieces of the set of responsibilities. Due to the huge obligation that accompanies the badge, law implementation officers are held to a much higher standard of individual and expert behavior. This higher standard and expanded visibility render cops powerless against false
Introduction Studies affirm that the notion of whether or not faith should play a role in influencing and implementing a nation’s decrees is a sensitive one. On one hand, both faith and edict are significant in the continuation of decency. On the other hand, beliefs might vary in what they affirm to be right and
What are Drones? The usage of unmanned drones by the US has attracted the intervention of President Obama to comment and confirm the presence of unmanned drones in Pakistan.  The US as a country relies on drones for the sake of external intervention and maximization of security surveillance within its borders. The case of a
Introduction Citizenship refers to being a participating member of a political community by meeting the legal requirements of that particular state. A person can become a citizen of the United States by birth, naturalization, being dependent on military members, acquiring citizenship, or applying for dual citizenship. A citizen is expected to observe the country’s laws
Question One Pogge’s argument is different from Singer’s in that he appeals to the human rights of the poor that are violated indirectly by the affluent societies of the western nations. Poverty has claimed more lives in the recent past than all the other calamities combined, he postulates. Singer, on the other hand, is concerned
How Important Tort Liability is to Business In the legal spheres, tort is a term used to denote a civil wrongdoing for which an aggrieved party may seek legal redress. Upon consideration of the facts, the extent of injury afflicted, and the circumstances at hand, a judge may award damages to the injured party (Abbott,
In most democratic countries, governments are assigned an economic role which ensures that public resources are spent in accordance with the law. For instance, government spending on roads and infrastructure has a pre-defined process of implementing such a project. In most cases, many governments use the tendering process to award huge contracts to verified contractors
The use of excessive force leads to the development of mistrust and lack of confidence among the law enforcement officers and the public. Extreme force occurs when officers use violence or handle suspects who have surrendered or have not resisted arrest overly aggressively (Rosenbaum 1). The practice has become rampant in the United States due
The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York dismissed Berman’s suit, which claimed that his termination was against the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act’s whistleblower protection provision. The District Court argued that the provision only applies to those employees who report violations to the SEC not those who
Abstract Personnel security investigations are conducted for federal employees who work in positions where they are most likely to have access to certain sensitive information. The access authorization is characterized as either Q access or L access authorization, and each has its own characteristics. In the present paper, the objective was to understand the types