TRANSFORMATIVE CONSTITUTIONALISM Karl Klare[1] defines transformative constitutionalism as “a long term project of constitutional enactment, interpretation and enforcement committed to transforming a county’s political and social institutions and power relationships in a democratic, participatory and egalitarian direction”.[2] According to Karl Klare, the motive for transformative constitutionalism is the need to change the social, economic and
A crime is an act which is unlawful and punishable by any country or by the authority. The modern criminal law crime does not have universally and simple definition that is accepted through definitions of statutory have been given for definite purposes. The known view of crime is that it is a category created by
A Force More Powerful The documentary explores the development of non-violent resistance movements across five countries namely: India, the U.S.A., South Africa, Poland, Denmark, and Chile (International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, n.d.). In all cases, the protagonists were challenging authority figures in a bid to change the status quo. Mahatma Gandhi led the Indian struggle
Public administrations in the Asia States have undergone dramatic reforms. Some states have been successful in achieving the desired goals of public administration reforms, while others have failed to achieve such goals. For example, Malaysia and Singapore have attained tremendous social-economic and political progress through adoption of effective public administration practices. On the other hand,
Question One Juvenile delinquency is any actions by minors or youth that goes against the social norms and values. The anti-social acts are deviations from the normal patterns of living in society. Also, juvenile delinquency in the school environment is determined by the violation of rules and regulations. The school is a public socialization agent,
Introduction Amnesty international organization has grown as a result of seeking freedom of political prisoners under the spectrum of human rights. The main objective of this institution is to combat inhumane treatment towards people of the society. Its interest is protecting people from harm, by defending their rights to liberty of truth, dignity, and freedom.
  The illegal immigration issue and its consequences often occupies the television news shows and the headlines of newspapers. The stand of political leaders regarding this issue is a very vital determinant of their success or failure in the elections. In the U.S., the main focus of most presidential debates is the issue of migration-
Introduction             SOX is a federal law of the United States that outlines the requirements for all public accounting firms and public company boards of the U.S. As an Act of Law, SOX is comprised of a number of sections and provisions applies to both public and private companies. There are eleven (11) sections, all
Definition of Mediation Mediation can be defined as use of informal and non-documented approach in solving disputes. Litigation is the process of addressing issues or differences by use of a legal system. It follows the path of well documented laws as opposed to mediation. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of Mediation Mediation
Introduction Mr. Smith’s arrest on the charges of possession of stolen property and burglary occurred even in the absence of a search warrant. Despite the violation of James Smith’s constitutional rights, various social, philosophical, and prior similar cases support the Court’s ruling to uphold the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Mopp v. Ohio