Introduction The subject of social media effect on social inequalities is a controversial subject. This is because social media implies social inequalities and it also reduces social inequalities in the same breath. First, social media amplifies social inequalities because the disposable income, literacy level, age group, social class, and affluence of people determine their access
Abstract Business continuity Management involves protecting the most critical parts of a business. Some parts like the IT department which contains almost all information in an organization falls in that category. Any incident large or small resulting from deliberate actions, natural causes or through accidents causes major disruptions to organizations. Planning on how to recover
Mobile ordering systems are systems developed by Information and technology companies whose work is to ensure that they justify changes or modifications in a satisfactory manner so as they incorporate new systems. Many people incorporate changes in information systems through innovation and inventing. A mobile ordering system is a very important system in any organization
Introduction An information system (IT) can be defined as an organized system that is utilized for the collection, communication, storage, and organization of information. It can also be defined as a hardware software combination as well as with business process, data and functions which can be utilized to increase and or improve management and efficiency
Chapter One: Introduction 1.1   Overview about the Project In the recent days, the organizations are becoming more information based while the generation of the crucial data, financial statistics, retail record, and other commercial information are significant for the organization (Qun Li, 2009).  However, the crucial information of the organizations are stored and maintained in the databases