One common aspect in almost all academic papers is a thesis statement. It is necessary for you to indicate the direction that your arguments within the essay will take. That is, you are required to define your parameters of discussion and arguments. Doing so provides the reader with an idea of what to expect in
Out of the many concepts that you will handle in your research project, theories are among the most prevalent. It is important to note that the concepts raised in a research study must be backed with relevant theories. In this case, theories are used to show how the problem relates to the research and why
Any time you are writing your dissertation, it is a requirement that you indicate the significance of the study. This is a section by itself under a specific chapter depending on the format adopted. As the name goes, the significance of the study is meant to provide valid reasons why the study is important, as
How To Write Short Reports and Letters Short reports are meant to be brief but still with adequate information about the area of interest. In most cases, short reports may be in the form of a memo or letter, depending on the preference of the writer or the instructor. If you have been asked to
Have you successfully completed the literature review section of your dissertation? Well, now the methodology section is the next task for you. Research Methodology is the section of a dissertation that provides readers with information, particularly on the approaches used in gathering and analyzing data. It is a preview of what will lead to successful
You will realize that some courses will require you to write an essay in the form of answering specific questions. In other words, the instruction prompt will provide you with a number of questions that should be answered separately. In most cases, the questions are distantly related, and hence, cannot be answered in the format
Literature review is one of the most integral parts of your dissertation, since it validates arguments with reference to publications related to the topic. In this case, literature reviews require the writer to evaluate secondary sources of different types, including journal articles, News articles, books, websites, and research publications, among others. Writing literature review must
As the name suggests, experimental research papers are the type of write-ups meant to analyze a situation from an experimental perspective in order to arrive at a justified conclusion. Experimental research papers are scientific in nature and are meant to bring out original work, which is then shared with other researchers and readers. The idea
The results section of your dissertation is essentially where you are required to provide the outcomes after you applied the different methods and approaches in the methodology section. In other words, the research results should be contextual with the methodology, particularly the approaches applied. It is important to ensure that all details pertaining the results
The introduction section in a dissertation is meant to provide a clear and concise description of what the research is all about. The approaches of writing an introduction may vary depending on the author. In some cases, some authors opt to write the introduction after completing all other parts of the dissertation. In other cases,