Plan of the Investigation The investigation will consider the degree to which the Wall Street Crash caused the Great Depression in the United States in 1929. It is the worst economic damage in the history of the United States. The effects were felt later in various parts of the world. The investigation will assess the
The social status witnessed in South American countries measured by social indicators can only be described as a scandal. This is supported by the facts indicating that over 46 percent of the population in South American lives in chronic poverty. This state of persistent poverty has been described as a distributive challenge with high levels
Studies indicate that the portent of kidnapping has assumed a distressing dimension in many parts of the world, especially in Nigeria. In this sense, kidnapping has become a big business in Nigeria. Studies reveal that kidnapping is the act of taking a person away illegitimately and keeping them as hostages. This is aimed at benefiting
The industrial revolution is one of the most significant events that changed the material wealth of the western world. It ended the dominance of agriculture and initiated the immediate impact of social change (King & Timmins, 2007). There was also a drastic change in an everyday work environment with the west embracing urban civilization. Radical
Introduction             Renaissance and reformation are two significant occasions in the history of Europe. Renaissance was a period when new ideas emerged and spread across Europe, while reformation was a period when new religious ideologies inspired by the protestant movement emerged. This paper is going to argue that the connection between the Italian Renaissance and
African Americans have played a principal role in developing the American culture. They came to America as slaves to provide labor force. However, they won their liberty in the 19th century, during the Civil War. Most of the black community remained poor and kept moving from one region to another in search of better economic
Introduction The Cult of True Womanhood or Cult of Domesticity came into existence at a time when the US’ social structure was transforming from a two-tiered hierarchy (lower and upper) into a three-tiered (lower, middle, and upper) model. This transformation began in the early 1980s and lasted up to the American Civil War. The cult
Eugenics encompasses a broad spectrum of beliefs and practices aimed at improving the general quality of the human population. The beliefs and values linked to eugenics fulfilled a fundamental role in American history before the participation of the nation in World War II. American eugenicists believed that people inherited mental illness, criminal behavior, and poverty
China, being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, has a long history of religious practices and beliefs that can be traced back to the epoch preceding 1500 AD. Religion in ancient China developed from simple animistic, shamanic, and totemic religious practices into complex religio-philosophical institutions, such as Confucianism and Taoism, well before 1500
The catastrophe about to strike the earth in terms of climate change and environmental degradation is attributed to human efforts that date back to the 17th century. Before this period, the human population on earth was relatively low, barely 700 million people (Marks, 2020). The Agricultural Revolution of the 1700s is believed to have given