Lazarus and Folkman proposed a model that stresses the transactional characteristics of stress. Based on their model, a transaction occurs between an individual and the setting. Stress is a result of an imbalance between demands and resources (Oxington, 2005, P. 54).  Therefore, individuals get stressed when their demands exceed their resources (individuals’ ability to cope
In the film ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ John Nash experiences schizophrenia. It is evident through his delusional experiences as he believes that he had a roommate at Princeton University. He also presumes that he is working for a U.S. security team to recover nuclear weapons from Russians. John experienced disorganized speeches and reduced participation in his
The article “CDC quietly revises coronavirus guidance to downplay the importance of testing asymptomatic people” by Will Feur, published on CNBC on 26 August 2020, addresses the revised Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to curb transmission of SARS-COV-2. According to the article, the basis or legitimacy of the guideline is doubtful and
Patient wait time defines quality benchmarks and is used to evaluate the responsiveness of Canadian healthcare service providers. The patient wait time characteristic is used to examine patients flow in healthcare facilities, as well as evaluate the operational efficiency of the healthcare system. The patient wait time is longer in Canada creating varied consequences and
Advances in healthcare technology have contributed to the development of high-tech applications, equipment, and software programs that improve health informatics while at the same time increasing people’s fears regarding cybersecurity threats and the safety of patients’ information. the increased publication of health technology information has led me to develop an interest in reading and keeping
_____________________________________________________________________________ Introduction This brief report explores the establishment of a federal-level policy in South Africa that would serve to increase participation in organ donation. It considers the independent and dependent variables by which the study may be characterized and then serves to establish causal interdependencies and identify attendant rationales. Withal, it explores the importance of
Abul-Husn, N. S., & Kenny, E. E. (2019). Personalized medicine and the power of electronic health records. Cell, 177(1), 58-69. Abul-Husn and Kenny conducted a study to investigate the effect of electronic health records (EHRs) on providing personalized medications to patients. The researchers reviewed the advances made in the digitalization of healthcare services to determine
Prevention and early intervention are singled out as fundamental elements in minimizing the impact of any potentially serious health condition. Early intervention represents a field of a remarkable achievement in the last twenty years, given the early intervention services available for people experiencing various illnesses. Unfortunately, such achievements are yet to be witnessed in the
Clinical decision support systems are meant to be used not only by healthcare providers but also by patients. Typically, the system is formulated in a way that will make suggestions to the clinician, who, in return, will evaluate the provided suggestions and pick out the most effective one. Ultimately, clinical decision support systems include a
The cardiac cycle refers to the sequence of events that occur within the heart during each heartbeat. The chambers of the heart are in repeated contraction and relaxation phases, known as systole and diastole respectively. During filling of the heart, both the tricuspid and the mitral valve are open. This permits the passive flow of