USAID (United States Agency for International Development) is the federal government agency for the United States that is charged with the responsibility of administering foreign aid and economic development. It was formed on 3rd November 1961 with the passing into law of the Foreign Assistance Act, 1961.  USAID has over 280 projects spread across the
1.     Introduction The main topic of research is Sport Psychological: An Integrated Approach to Issues Related to Injury in Athletes and their Responses to Cognitive Behavioral Intervention. This paper seeks to develop a guide for research on the topic to be undertaken. It explores the various activities that will need to be undertaken so as
Introduction Marketing is a key driver for sales and profitability in organizations.  As in the case with other products, there is a need to market healthcare products to potential customers.  The success of any marketing endeavor will depend on the plans set forth by the organization to foster the marketing efforts. Marketing plans offer healthcare
Palliative care is an important aspect of healthcare, which seeks to improve the health- related quality of life of individuals with incurable diseases. Accordingly, the intervention includes symptom control and support for psychological and emotional wellbeing. Palliative care is an area of personal interest since I work with geriatric patients in a long-term care facility.
Introduction Nurses are the primary caregivers and play a critical role in service delivery and managing the operations of facilities. Many healthcare facilities are targeting highly competent nurses to enhance their delivery for care and patient safety in serving the various health needs of the community (Zhang et al., 2017). However, with growing national and
Introduction Many governments around the world have made attempts of going to the drawing board and crafting Medicare plans. The main aim of the Medicare plans is to provide medical services to the patients at highly subsidised prices Kohler & Baghdadi-Sabeti (2005). Majority of the beneficiaries of Medicare plans are the vulnerable groups in the
Nursing Supported Legislation             In 2017, the state of California passed a legislation aimed at tackling violence at the workplace. The California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board approved rules to mitigate workplace violence in health care institutions. The legislation is called SB 1299 and it was passed back in 2014. The California Nurses Association/National
1. What does a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) do and how do they operate? Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) performs the function of administering plans for drugs prescription for the Americans with health insurance covers from sponsors such as Medicare Part D plans, state government employee plans as well as Federal Employees Health Benefits Program among
HEALTH ANALYTICAL REPORT Introduction Defining SAD As the levels of sunlight lower during the short and dark days of winter tide, many people among them being international students in Canada struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) where they are afflicted with feelings of loss of energy and sadness, especially during January, February, and December (National
Executive Summary The report has identified key health information service management with respect to Waitemata birth cases that took place in New Zealand for a long time. The purpose of this investigation was to draw attention to the major causes that happened to such a growing rate of Preterm birth, which was due to various