Introduction Alcohol consumption, and the problem it engenders, has been a familiar fixture in human society since the start of recorded history. Overall, four percent of the global burden of disease is attributable to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, accounting for a significant number of disabilities and deaths globally (Alcohol and Public Policy Group, 2010).
An interesting thing about Lupton’s article is how it introduces the topic of mobile health (mhealth) technologies and how it can be used by lay people apart from professionals for voluntary self-tracking strategies also known as “quantified self” (Lupton, 394). The author goes further to correlate the adoption of these technologies with some cultural and
Persistent depressive disorder, which is also known as dysthymia, is a continuous long term form of depression which is less severe. Most people with this disease describe it as they always feel depressed as long as they can remember or having a feeling of drifting in out of depression. It usually starts in childhood and
It is a disease of the brain characterized by illiteracy, comprehension and delay in learning. The disease is not related to literacy but takes a different approach from those who suffer from it. Although people do not talk about dyslexia, one in five people has a symptom of the disease. The most common form of
Professor Michael Sandel’s lecture is about making informed choices specifically on surrogacy. Surrogacy is compared with baby selling. This is because the surrogate mother carries the baby in her to full term delivers and hands them over for a fee. All emotions, despite their undeniable existence, are ignored and the contract that exists with regard
The Clinical Question The clinical question I developed to find the article using the PICO Format is: Does care management help to improve blood pressure control among uncontrolled hypertensive patients? Search Strategy Database I found the scholarly article at MEDLINE database. MEDLINE refers to a bibliographic database of life sciences and biomedical information and contains
Apoptosis is a controlled process of cell death where a sequential event leads to discarding harmful cells ensuring they don’t release toxic substances into neighboring cells and spaces. By removing worn out, unused and sickly cells, apoptosis has a very important function of development and maintenance of the general body health. If any factor or
In order to discuss this disease extensively, knowing its origin is important. Muhammad (2020) gives a clear explanation about this. Coronaviruses belong to the Coronaviridae family in the Nidovirales order. Muhammad (2020) further says that the name coronavirus was derived from the virus’s outer appearance. The coronavirus family also has subgroups. These include alpha, beta,
Depression is a widespread mental health problem and is estimated to affect three hundred and fifty million people worldwide. Depression is associated with negative psychosocial outcomes, reduced productivity and decreased quality of life and well-being, and is predicted to be the world’s second leading cause of disease burden by the year 2020. In addition, health
Dyslexia Initially referred to as word blindness, dyslexia is a learning disability among people throughout the world where people struggle to break down words into their smallest basic parts, making the learning of language a challenging process. In the United States, dyslexia is prevalent among children, estimated to affect seven to twelve percent of the