A Cover Letter for Exploration Geologist Address of the applicant, Indicate the date of application,   The job title of the Human resource person, Name of the organisation, Address   Dear Sir, Re: Assistant Exploration Geologist I at this moment apply for the position of Assistant Exploration Geologist as advertised in a Geology magazine on
Sample Geography Paper on Earthquakes in Turkey Earthquakes are a common phenomenon in Turkey due to the country’s geographical location. The country lies on the most seismically active spots in the world as the Eurasian plate and the African plates regularly grind into each other triggering magma movement inside the earth’s crust causing the earthquakes.
The Megalopolitan Regional Landscape: Rhode Island – Proposal Outline Introduction The section provides an overview of what the paper is about, its justification and the type of regional landscape chosen. It gives a general description of the key features of the megalopolitan regional landscape including proximity to natural harbors and urban life. Sub- region The
Globalization Globalization entails the integration of social, economic and political factions in the world. It has mainly resulted from a changed worldview that has driven by technological advancement and innovations. Advances in transport have increased the volume of international trade. The setting up of multinational companies has ensured a global presence of monopolies that controls
Water and Food Insecurity It is evident that water and food insecurity are one in the same problem. It is apparent that we cannot survive without food and water. The domestic animals we rear at home cannot survive without food. The whole idea of water and food insecurity can be treated as one issue of
Geography Paper on North and South Korea The coastlines for North Korea are about 2,495 kilometers. These coastlines are particularly irregular especially on the western part that has many small bays and peninsulas. Despite the western coastline being irregular, the coastlines are also shallow with large tidal ranges thereby it is hard to develop harbors
Geology Paper on Total Internal Reflection: Laboratory Exercise Introduction Total internal reflection is one of the concepts of physics that finds wide application in the modern times. The term is used to describe a phenomenon in which a ray of light passed through a transparent medium is completely reflected back through the medium at the
Geology Research Paper on Edwards Aquifer System Abstract The study looks at Edwards aquifer system. It discusses the history and all major features of the system. The benefits of the system to the community are outlined and the possible issue that could affect the system also identified. The article concludes that the system is very
Sample Geology Paper on Deadliest Earthquakes How did scientist Eric Calais determine that the risk of a major earthquake in Haiti was due to happen at some point? What happened to his testing site when the 2010 earthquake occurred? Scientist Eric Calais determined that there was a risk of a major earthquake in Haiti using
Geological Concepts Importance of the Five Fundamental Concepts There are five basic recurrent geology concepts:: human population growth, sustainability, systems and change, hazardous earth processes, and scientific knowledge and values. These concepts are important, because they affect everything that occurs to Earth. They also affect the economy, lifestyle, politics, society, culture, and basic survival of