Question One Amazon Rainforest ecosystem consists of various biotic and abiotic components found in the vast Amazon basin and landscapes. The forest has three sub-ecosystems namely the floodplain forest, rainforest, and Blackwater of Amazon forest (“Amazon Forest Ecology | Global Forest Atlas,” 2019). Tropical trees are the most dominant plant biotic component of the forest
Political geography has played a role or led to the cases of modern genocide as witnessed in the cases of the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. The two aspects of political geography, ethnicity and culture, played a huge role in the genocides that were experienced in both Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s. Ethnicity
Harsh weather conditions can be damaging to human life as well as property such as buildings and vehicles. Climatic change has resulted in a changed weather pattern that is threatening human life from different perspectives. For instance, recent torrential rains in the Philippines were unpredicted, and alarm systems provided alerts in an untimely manner. Similarly,
Describe 3 ways that global warming will affect our nation’s national security in the future. What are some short term solutions? Global warming is the effect of the rise in climatic temperatures around the world’s climatic system. This effect has been witnessed over the recent years with a change in weather and climatic patterns (Butera
Question 1 Since the turn of the century, environmental sustainability has become a hot topic in various outlets global form mainstream to social media. Individuals, companies, and countries all have embarked on finding waste management models that provide a sustained solution for future generations an aspect that has led waste trade also known as waste
A news article by Alexander, Sernoffsky and Cassidy titled ‘Camp Fire: Death toll rises to 42 as coroner’s recovery crews find more bodies,’ the authors present a detailed report regarding a camp fire that recently ravaged Paradise, Butte County, resulting in multiple deaths and destruction of property. The article describes the reactions of the locals
Disaster Preparedness There is an increasing level of occurrence of both natural and human-made disasters across the globe that has significantly affected the life, livelihood, and economy of the people. Climate change is believed to be the enhancer of the natural catastrophes; hence, has a significant health impact to the population such as spread of
Brazil: Wealth, Beauty and Poverty Brazil makes up one fifth of BRICS, which are the world’s fastest emerging economies. Among the members of BRICS include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The vast land, resources, tourist attractions and the richness in culture makes Brazil stand out among countries in the world. However, even with
Reasons for Choosing the Book The book ‘Climate Change and Biodiversity’ offers an in-depth analysis of the impact created by climate change and the inhibitive factors regarding the prediction of the phenomenon in future. The main problem that inspired me to choose the book is my passion for the environment and the increasingly adverse effects
Demographic Transition Theory The Demographic Transition Concept and the Process of its Development Demographic transition is a concept that delineates variations in the level of birth and death in a given population. A transformation in the socio-economic conditions causes a change in the rates of birth and mortality, which are eventually reflected in the populace