The children of men The thriller film Children of Men is built on P.D. James novel, which opens up in a war, ravaged British city. The film occurs in the future, 2027 where the world is on the brink of falling. Two decades of infestation by strange epidemics has left women barren and wiped of
Question a The Kingdom of Heaven film is about religious intolerance among Christians and Muslims as experienced during the Crusades of the 12th Century. Crusades encompassed a series of religious war (Holy War) between Christians and Muslims who fought to gain control of the holy land. The Kingdom of Heaven vividly demonstrates the intense violence
Why Sanford Meisner’s Technique Is A Good Approach to Teaching Acting Sanford Meisner’s acting technique is an excellent approach to teaching acting because it focuses on the actor’s emotional impulses. It emphasizes the fact that a good actor does it from the heart. The individual, therefore, relies on his or her instincts as if the
Music is an art of sound that is used to express emotions and ideas in a significant form using elements such as color, harmony, melody, and rhythm. Notably, music was first founded in 1945 by Lawrence Berk when he was teaching jazz music, which was very popular during that time. Currently, music is found in
The film The Kids Are All Right brings into light the choices that people undergo in order to start families. Studies reveal that in real life, most of these choices are often unexamined because couples generally establish relationships, settle and start having children (Clunis and Green 45). Similarly, in this film, activities move fast throwing
The film Thor (2011) as explores the relations between the ancient Viking gods. Thor is the god of thunder and war according to Viking mythology, and the film portrays him as such. He goes to war with the giant frosts without the consent of the father, Odin. Loki, Thor’s brother, is as cunning as depicted
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Hurston The film Their Eyes Were Watching God was aired on 6th March the year 2005. The movie is based on Zora Hurston’s novel written in 1937 bearing the same title. The film is about Janie’s life, which seems to be dictated by other people but her. On
Sample Film Review on City of God, Güeros, and Wadjda The three movies relay key themes of social disconformity, Isolation, Marginalization and social mobility. The City of God is a movie is based on a true story about a gang of violent youth commonly known as the hood.  Their aim is to ensure that they
Sample Review on The Movie, “Sunset Boulevard” The use of the term “genre” is not limited to movies. It is used in all forms of art to define different types of the art forms. Movies that belong to the same genre usually share some common characteristics, such as themes, style or narratives. From the audience’s
Sample Film Paper on The Exorcist Film The past few years have seen the popularity of horror films rising significantly even though opinions regarding the said popularity vary from one individual to another. It is possible for one to argue that the supposed popularity may arise from the fear of the unknown or sickening experiences