Movies from the past often serve to depict the present state of affairs to their audience. One such film is John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. This work by the highly applauded Ford is about the myth of the American West. In the movie, which is set in 1962, depicts the west as
The media acts as a mirror to society and is a powerful tool that can invoke social change. However, if it is controlled by a few people, it can be used for selfish purposes as highlighted by the two documentaries, Outfoxed and Freedom of Expression. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the films
Abstract The Black Panther Party was a political party which was established in 1966 by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton to challenge brutality made against the African Americans by the police. The unique party purpose was to protect the black neighbourhoods and offering of social activities, for example, free breakfast for black American children and
The Truman show is quite an interesting show .Personally am not a big fan of science fiction movies but this movie, I enjoyed. This television show models the society, how people take advantage of others who seem inferior to them and then manipulate them to their own will. Truman who is the main character in
Introduction The film The Stratford Prison Experiment recreates the experiment originally done by Philip Zimbardo, a Psychology Professor at the University of Stratford. Billy Crudrup takes the role of Philip G Zimbardo in the movie. During the cast, 24 male students are selected and assigned the roles of guards and prisoners at the flip of
Fitzgerald’s film, “The Great Gatsby”, explores in depth several elements of the American Dream theme and what it means to an individual within the context of society. More specifically, the film, through the life of Gatsby- the main character, offers several lessons to the viewer about the reality of the American dream. The creator uses
Racism is the root cause of slavery in America, and it still exists today. Twelve years a slave, a book by Solomon Northup, clearly shows how the whites committed several injustices against the blacks, and they went unpunished for it. Slavery will always be the most horrific and hypocritical idea in man kinds history. The
Directed by the great Stanley Kubrick and starring the terrifying Jack Nicholson, the movie The Shining is very different from the Stephen King-penned book it is adapted from. Many of the movie’s most famous elements either do not exist in the novel or are portrayed in a totally different way from the book. The query
The children of men The thriller film Children of Men is built on P.D. James novel, which opens up in a war, ravaged British city. The film occurs in the future, 2027 where the world is on the brink of falling. Two decades of infestation by strange epidemics has left women barren and wiped of
Question a The Kingdom of Heaven film is about religious intolerance among Christians and Muslims as experienced during the Crusades of the 12th Century. Crusades encompassed a series of religious war (Holy War) between Christians and Muslims who fought to gain control of the holy land. The Kingdom of Heaven vividly demonstrates the intense violence