Question 1 I feel that it is possible to develop a universal code of ethical standards for businesses in spite of the cultural differences that exist in the different regions around the world. This is because the ultimate aim for multinational corporations should be conducting business in a sustainable manner, something that would necessitate paying
. Do you believe that auditors should be held liable for failing to discover fraud in situations such as ZZZZ Best, where top management goes to great lengths to fool the auditors? Explain. Yes. Auditors ought to be very objective and skeptic in their operations. Their results affect several stakeholders, mostly indirectly. These include investment
Ethical Standards and Responsibilities Question 1 In my comprehensive view, it is impossible to progressively develop universal set of ethical standards for businesses. As much as ethics is meant to guide a business to follow, enforce, promote good behavior, ensure fairness and promote kindness, it may be impossible to promote all these values. This is
Today, pharmacy practice values professionalism and ethics as evidenced in various practices and standards observed in the sector. For example, pharmacy is moving towards effective patient-oriented care and increased attention on a client’s best interests and control, within a system known as bioethics. Such professional concern has increased accountability in the pharmaceutical industry and a
Assisted Suicide Everyone have a right to choose or have an opinion regarding his/her fate concerning the ultimate decision of death. This is not only based on the religious notion of the sacredness of life but also on the principles and ethics of healthcare such as patient autonomy, which is chiefly founded on the belief
Ethical dilemmas present a certain degree of complications, especially when it affects the professional career. A dilemma presents itself in a situation that requires a person to choose between right and wrong. In most cases, choosing either would lead to some undesirable outcome. As stated in my ethical memoir, I was asked by the nurse
Healthcare research can be challenging in that it calls researchers to more stringent ethical measures relative to what is expected of researchers in other fields. El-Saiedi (2013) conducted one such study. A randomized controlled trial calls for even greater adherence to specific ethical concerns as it directly involves people. The study conducted by El-Saiedi was
Post Peter Kivisto perceives culture as a fundamental individual and group right which should be protected by promoting cultural diversity such as religion and ethnicity. He acknowledges that multicultural diversity in different countries – such as Canada, Australia, and Finland – could be diffused by economic programs which interferes with the normal way of life
Integration of Ideas and Disciplines The talk explains the value of integrating ideas using day-to-day learning concepts in real life scenarios. The value of integrating ideas learned in an academic institution would be measured concerning once daily lifestyles. The speaker notes that the integration of these ideas should make an intellectual level of any student
The construction industry is considered one of the most fraudulent businesses across the globe offering a perfect opportunity for ethical issues due to its low-price mindset and severe competition. Equally, the building industry is vulnerable to unethical behaviors because it entails a higher production cost posing a significant scale of opportunities for obtaining rent. Unscrupulous