The word capitalism can be used to show the social systems that are found in the world in the current day and time. It is believed that with the capitalist world system, only a few people have the privilege of owning the different means through which diverse goods can be produced and distributed. These few
Introduction Water is among the most important things that both plants, animals and human beings needs to survive. it is very vital in the growth and development of living things and enhances proper functioning of the systems of the body. Due to the big role it plays in our day to day lives, its contamination
Lake Naivasha is one of the greatest fresh water lakes in Kenya. Its located at the outskirts of Naivasha town in Nakuru county, a distance of 12.9 km. The lake has a surface area of 139 square km and is surrounded by a swamp that covers an area of 64 square km.   The lake
Introduction Climate change can be defined as the large-scale, long-standing change in the weather patterns of the planet or its average temperatures. Since the last ice age, which terminated approximately 11,000 years ago, the climate of Earth has been comparatively constant at about 14 °C, but in the current years, the has been augmented. Thus,
Introduction Global warming has been among the most controversial topics that scientists are debating about today. Berg et al. (2016) argued that the recent developments in the past few decades in climate change have prompted the scientists to develop a theory that human beings are causing global warming through their activities. The world climate is
Global warming is an issue that is discussed globally. The continuous rise in temperature on the earth atmosphere and surface is called global warming. About 30%of the solar insolation that is incident on the planet is reflected back to the space through atmospheric particles and content in air and ground(Shahzad,2015). Heat has caused tens of
You may have heard about recycling, but have you ever thought the role recycling can play in protecting and conserving natural resources and the environment? It is time that every nation, every global citizen takes a proactive and active role in protecting mother earth. For sustainable development, it is important to change how we treat
This is a type of fish breed that originates from southern America. Their names derive from a fact that physically built, they have bushy appendages from their nose that sprout out higher and longest in males than in the females called brittles. The female brittles are more on the mouth area and are a little
One of nature’s powerful storms is the hurricanes. Hurricanes are responsible for producing strong winds, heavy rainfall that can result in inland flooding, storm surge flooding, rip currents, and tornadoes. Hurricanes bring along tremendous damage to coastal towns and cities. Natural environments along the coast are also affected by them, and even though their storm
The Green revolution is also known as the Third Agricultural Revolution, which began in 1965 and involved the use of several technologies in agriculture to improve the yield (Harwood, 2019)). There are several characteristics associated with the Revolution, which helped in shaping agricultural practices in India. One of the main features is the introduction of