Power can be attributed to the basic components of the human agency. The lack of power illustrates the lack of authority to act as human agents.  In western social theory, power has been approached differently to yield valuable and diverse insights. Theorists of power have invoked the expression of ‘power over and power to’ in
Camilo Torres was a Latin American catholic priest who was born in Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia, on February 3rd 1929. He came from a rich family that was an upper class, his father being a privileged medical doctor. His family had liberty in its outlook of politics. He lived together with his family
Oscar Wilde is famous for his literary play writing and one of the renowned personality of Aesthetic -movement. The play “How important of being Earnest “, was completed in 1895, belonging to one of the important works of the late Wilde. His writing presents Victorian era and he boldly explains the realistic facts of his
Thesis Statement: Imagine being sixteen years and rather than carrying books to the classroom, you are carrying your baby. MTV has developed two TV series, which broadcast the pregnant teens’ lifestyles. There are extremely contentious beliefs, which come with teen pregnancy. As such, the television shows of teenage pregnancy are advantageous to the adolescents. Introduction
“The Ballard of the Landlord” is a poem by Langston Hughes that mostly depicts the common disputes between landlords and their tenants especially in the 1940s, where there was a lot of social protests. The poem opens with the tenant complaining about the condition of the house claiming the roof is leaking and that the
Wilson, C. (2004). Religion and the US South. Southern Spaces. Doi: 10.18737/m74c77 Religion and the South is an article that documents the truth about the southern region’s religion distinctiveness. The editor, Charles Wilson, maintains that religion has been a powerful force towards influencing the religion distinctiveness in the southern region. Furthermore, the volume explores key
A society that struggles with incidences of lawlessness is unlikely to realize important goals and objectives. It allocates significant resources to addressing the negative effects of this malpractice at the expense of the development and empowerment of its citizens. The criminal justice system ensures that populations uphold laws, regulations, values, and virtues that guide behavior.
The Spanish poet Federico García Lorca is the man behind the renowned lecture known as “Theory and Play of the Duende” in Argentina’s Buenos Aires in the year 1933. He described that Duende is in close associated with the Latin flamenco, yet Lorca has defined it as a powerful universal concept in art. Lorca was under deep
Thesis The Vacuum created by the death of a loved one can never be fully covered or occupied by anyone or anything. Introduction ‘The Vacuum’ is a poem by Howard Nemerov. It talks about one widower as well as his dead wife, and how he symbolically uses the vacuum to represent the death of his
Oedipus Rex, a drama by Sophocles has been one of the most widely read plays throughout the world. For many decades, it has received a lot of readers and a wide audience alike. The drama, Oedipus Rex has made great achievements and established a very significant theme that the fate of every person is unavoidable.