Introduction             As a private institution on the verge of rising to the levels of the existing organizations, London’s Private Healthcare Provider comes out as one of the organizations with great need to engage the use of information technology, modern software as well as hardware. In addition to this effort, there has to be a
Safety engineering analysis is a process that involves the identification and definition of hazardous conditions or risks for purpose of their elimination or control. Safety engineering analysis aims at preventing workplace accidents. Mader et al. (2013) argues that the concept is about examining the engineering systems, subsystems, components, and the interrelationships between those elements. The
 A gas extraction well casing design Introduction A gas extraction well casing design relies on the specifications for casing and cementing designs on the specific location of well. According to the report by West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (1), any drilling activities should be conducted in consideration of potential environmental impacts. The key factors
Freezing Desalination Summary Water is considered as a vital element for the existence of all living things. Inasmuch as it is the most abundant resource on the planet, only 3% of this water is considered as fresh. In the phase of an increasing shortage of fresh water, the sea has become an alternative solution in
Socio-technical Impact of Engineering Technology (SMART PHONES) Introduction The evolution and popularity of smartphone technology has been considered as a major engineering achievement. This is with regard to the ability of the technology to improve the nature of communication between different individuals in the society. In addition, smartphone technology has also made it easier for
The Case for Innovative Waste Water Management in Canada Innovative Waste Water Management Technologies Decision making in the face of scientific uncertainty is one of the challenges that face technology industries. While this problem exists in the field of technology, the housing industry also faces this difficulty, especially when it comes to the development of
The Effect of Soil Types on the Design and Choice of Foundations Construction and building highly depend on the type and quality of soil beneath them to be put. If the soil under various buildings moves to either side, then the building is in danger of developing cracks, be weak and even fall. Therefore, there
Fluid Mechanic Dynamics Fluid mechanics is a part of mechanical engineering that explains the state and the movement of fluids such as water. Fluid mechanic concepts are used to create various objects for household or industrial purposes. One of the common systems that use the application of fluid mechanic dynamics is a water fountain system.
Your task: The Engineers Australia Code of Ethics “defines the values and principles that shape the decisions we make in engineering practice”.  Members of Engineers Australia “commit to practice in accordance with the Code of Ethics”.  This week’s report asks you to investigate the scope of the Code of Ethics for a particular scenario.  If
Home Automation Introduction Home automation is defined as the use of one or more computers to manage essential home features and functions. This can be done either remotely or automatically. It can also be referred to as smart home. It can be used to turn lights on and off, program appliances in a home, and