After reading the entire article, my opinion does not change whatsoever. There is no significant change in opinion because the author provides reputable models for enhancing the learning process. Reading the first part of the teaching philosophy inspired the opinion that the author understands the basics of becoming a productive instructor. My opinions about the
Making the world a better place is the main issue that makes the United Nations (U.N) created a plan with 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in different fields. The seventeenth of those is the partnership for the goals. Accordingly, “The public sector will need to set a clear direction, Review and monitoring frameworks, regulations and
Introduction                                           The author of the article is Brink Lindsey, the Vice President for research at the Cato Institute. In the article, “Culture of Success”, the author depicts different matters in the education system, for example, the financial problem which affects students and the rate of success of several cultural groups in various colleges. The main
Introduction Humpty Dumpty is a fictional character, a subject of a nursery rhyme with a relationship theme. It started as a riddle where the answer was an egg and is known as a personified egg. The language in the verse is right for it enhances the pre-reading skills of children. It teaches children how language
Introduction Education is a fundamental component in one’s life. In academia, students are teachers are two main entities. Education plays a crucial role in the development of personality, understanding of life and establishment of career for an individual. From primary school to the advanced studies, students and teachers go side-by-side learning and teaching. This report
Companies that develop various products for human use require regular testing of the products to ascertain the safety of use. Due to the uncertainty new products may come with, inventors had to develop a way to ensure that every product is safe for human consumption before being released into the market. Scientists and product inventors
Providing for a family is a challenging task in today’s world. Parents work long hours to pay bills and ensure that their children live a comfortable life. As a result, most parents return home tired and with little energy or time to follow up on their children’s educational progress. Some parents delegate all educational responsibilities
Brief Summary Alibaba is highly recognized for providing online marketing solutions to form businesses and its customers. Consequently, the company has adopted an innovative enterprise-oriented technology that has enabled it to dominate the online retail market since its inception. The innovation has built a digital backbone for online transaction and provides the company’s partners with
Millennials are the demographic cohort following generation X and preceding generation Z. They are said to be the most educated and generally marked by the usage of the internet, mobile devices, and social media, which is why sometimes they are termed as digital natives. I believe that education is more important to millennials than previous
Trigger warnings are warnings at the beginning of a blog, article, or video that indicates the emotional distress and potential trauma that an audience can have upon reading, listening, or viewing. The blog, article, and video may include items such as suicide, rape, sexual abuse, among others. The study discusses the views that other authors