Cyber-attacks are not just in movies as copious of individuals think, they are the veracity of our world. They are simply defined as motivated attacks carried out primarily through the internet subjected to target the general public, cooperate and national organizations. According to presumptions from information technology departments across the globe, the cost of cyber-attracts
Introduction Drug abuse is among the common problems threatening public health around the world. The severity of care relating to drug abuse has been documented in different areas, especially when the outcome is death. As a result, drug abuse has created a significant topic in death investigations. Although drug deaths are not always obvious, overdose
The term “white-collar crime” was coined by Edwin Sutherland in the year 1939, as an approach of challenging the typical theories and stereotypes. During that era, crime was generally regarded to be an undertaking of disadvantaged young men who were raised in decaying neighborhoods and broken households. As an expert in the field of criminology
Conceptualization of the Vice Human trafficking is a significant social dilemma facing the current society. It is a crime that promotes the serious violation of human rights as it thrives on exploiting the vulnerable. According to the Antislavery.Org (2019), human trafficking can be conceptualized as the recruitment of people into exploitative scenarios through the use
In the recent years, there has been an increase in the police brutality involving African-Americans. This issue has gathered national attention. This is because many people believe that the police are treating the African-American people unfairly. There has been a series of brutal killings by the police and this has led to increased racial tension
Homicide death is the act of killing another human being. A homicide can result from acts of negligence, accidental, or recklessness even if there is no intention to cause harm, and it requires the self-imposed doing by alternative person to lead to death. The United States of America has rising cases of homicides, especially gun-related,
Introduction White-collar crimes are crimes committed by people in their line of duty either in businesses or in government professionals. White-collar crimes are mostly committed to personal financial advantages and are frequently handled by people ranked with high social standards. The main purpose of the white-collar crime is securing a personal or business advantage, get
Introduction The crime of aggression represents a type of crime involving planning, initiating, and executing acts of aggression through military force. The crime remains covered under the law by the Charter of the United Nations. Adams (2012) notes that the law governing over the offense, however, poses some philosophical questions like the categorization of the
Introduction A judge will usually order a PSI report when dealing with a crime pertaining felony. The probation /pretrial officer usually conducts the PSI report and the logistics involved in gathering the information to be used in a court of law. The officer should interrogate the defendant and then work with other personnel. The information
Background and Context Crime committed by young offenders is referred to as delinquency rather than criminal. In Hong Kong youngsters who commit crimes are divide into two categories; juvenile offenders (convicts of between 10 and 15 years of age) and young offenders (convicts of between 16 and 18 years of age) (Lee, 2011). Among the