Victimology: Victimization and Situational Settings Part I: Completely Innocent The Murder of DamilolaTaylor Damilola Taylor was 10 years old when he met his death. Taylor and his parents had arrived in Britain three months earlier from Nigeria with the hope of finding a cure for his sister’s advanced condition of epilepsy. He went to school
The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is considered one of the most violent Islamic separatist groups that operate in the Southern Philippines. The ASG alleges to advance a sovereign Islamic state in the Sulu Archipelago and western Mindanao. It was designated a terrorist group in the late 1990s after splitting from the Moro National Liberation Front.
A person’s sexuality is defined as a measure of both sexual behavior and desire which tend to differ while considering gender. Under the increasing desire to engage in sex, the US ethnic community and the government have come up with certain control measures to curb irresponsible sexual behaviors. The desire for sex and sexuality are
The police code of ethics is more public service-based than crime-fighter-based. It states the way police officers should relate with the public more than how they should fight crimes. Very lenient terms are used in the few instances, whereby the fighting of crimes is addressed in the code. It forbids the police from using force,
According to Siegler and Sullivan (2010), juvenile courts have been perceived as a center for community worry concerning the escalating rates of crime conducted by juveniles and violence. This alarm raised by the community has resulted in the amendments of crime jurisdictions in juvenile courts. Some legislative and executives in 41 various states have avoided
Drug courts in the US should provide options for traditional incarceration. This could be done by offering a system that stresses substance abuse treatment and constant administration for non-violent drug abusers charged with drug possession. The high level of proof indicating the perfect incorporation of strategies can alter the sequences of arrest, imprisonment, release, as
There are several primary barriers and legal restrictions to comprehensive integration facing the national intelligence community. A number of them are reviewed in this paper. Ineffective sharing of information Law enforcement groups have been facing challenges in how they work together and share vitally important information. According to the reviews conducted during the 2011aftermath, it
Organized crime is more dangerous than the previous examples point to. The affiliates are scheming, complicated, and understand that their dealings not only contain scandalous penalties but also are in the inspection of law enforcement bureaus, which lead them to become secretive and cautious. Organized crime contribution in the dominion of lawful business has led
Osama Bin Laden was the world’s greatest terrorist bomber and the founder of the al-Qaeda organization which served the purpose of mass casualty attacks inimical to military and civilian targets. Being the C.E.O of terror attacks, he organized traumatizing and painful attacks against the United States embassy in 1998 and the 2002 Bali bombings which
In the book “No Matter How Loud I Shout” Edward Humes conducts a comprehensive analysis of the various issues surrounding the development and application of juvenile court systems. The book gives a colorful review of the dysfunctional court system in the state of California. The primary focus is on different ways the stipulated court systems