Communication is a fundamental aspect of all living in the society regarded for formal and informal activities and relationships as well. The ability of peaceful living is much dependent on the effectiveness of the communication that the parties involved underscore (Boyle et, al., 2016). Relationships are essential and should be kept with the high level
Technology is crucial in the criminal justice systems for making it easier and accurate to collect records and store data of lawbreakers. The advanced technology helps law enforcers to collect all data that may help in future and current investigations for long periods. For instance, DNA and fingerprints are basic pieces of information that the
Report writing is important in the day-to-day running of organizations. The format of a report at a glance can be used to gauge the urgencies of situations, finances and recipients of the report. The format gives a reflection of the resources utilized in preparing the report in terms of effort, time and finances. Reports that
Introduction The fascinating passage of Macbeth by William Shakespeare captures, in a few verses, the essential issues of the promise. According to the passage, to promise generates certain beliefs, from which can be established the hope of certain actions being accomplished. Further, in Ecclesiastes 5:5 it is stated, “It is better to say nothing than
Introduction Despite its first use in the 20th century, a universal definition of globalization is nonexistent. Scholars, economists, and historians among other specialists have subjective definitions of the word (Rzepka 2011, p. 453). Although a diverse range of definitions exists, each of them, agree on certain aspects of the word, including global impact, some form
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander begins with the contrast amongst an imprisoned African-American of two generations, the modern and ancient generations. The comparison concludes that both parties are victims of slavery characterized by blatant violation of fundamental rights. The legal scholar and civil rights litigator write
Theory of Attitude Change Attitude is a settled way of thinking about an object and it is typically reflected in an individual’s behavior. Additionally, attitude is subject to change by social factors as well as an individual’s intent to maintain cognitive consistency in the event of a cognitive dissonance. Different theories of attitude, such as
Praxis is defined as the process by which a theory becomes a lived experience and empowers individuals to become critically conscious beings (O’leary 2). According to Carl Marx, the goal of praxis is to go beyond interpreting the world to bridging the gap between knowledge and action (O’leary 2). Praxis, being the creativity activity that
Introduction The old media is growing less popular and facing significant competition from the ever-expanding new forms of digital media. Traditional media consists of broadcast or cable television, radio, as well as newsprint in the form of magazines or other publications. As indicated by Chun, Fisher, and Thomas, the earliest form of old media was
I can describe myself as an ambitious and hardworking person who is relentlessly working to make something meaningful of myself. I am currently at in university and look forward to continuing my education to achieve my goals and objectives. Indeed, I am persistent in achieving my educational and career goals. During my time at university,