Tesla Motors is a Californian- based automotive company aiming to develop electric-drive vehicles as its new venture. The project is delicate such that Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and production manager, needs to harmonize the interests of different stakeholders to achieve the goal. Therefore, a stakeholder analysis is necessary to help Tesla Motors to identify key
Project Brief Project Purpose The purpose of the project is to plan and execute a festival to celebrate Sub-Saharan music, and to use the festival as an opportunity for bringing together Sub-Saharan cultures through musical performances. The project will be executed on behalf of the client, a cultural promotion entity that uses music as a
General Motors (GM) incurs various production costs during its manufacturing process. The largest contributor of costs is that of goods sold (COGS), which accounts for 90.4% of the production expenses. Whereas the selling, general, and administrative expenses have declined since 2015, the COGS experiences seasonal fluctuations. For instance, COGS (as a percentage of total revenue)
Stakeholders play a critical role in the growth and ultimate success of a company. Any organization’s top management must consider the needs or demands of stakeholders, such as employees, customers, creditors, suppliers, government, and the whole community. Apple Inc.’s most significant stakeholders include customers, employees, investors, and employees of suppliers and distributors. The corporation has
Technology is an essential component of the contemporary corporate environment due to its numerous advantages to businesses. Advancement in technology has led to a more interconnected world where distance and geographical location is no longer a challenge to communication and business transactions. However, the development of technology in the domain of extended reality has elevated
Introduction The life expectancy of the Japanese people has significantly increased during the last five decades. The increase in life expectancy among the Japanese population has created an aging problem in which majority of senior workers are retiring while there are few young workers replacing them. Even though the population aging problem is common in
Tesla Motors is an electric car manufacturer based in the United States. Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard originally formed the company in 2003 to develop an electric sports vehicle. They obtained funding from various sources, but Elon Musk contributed over $30 million to the new venture and served as its chairman (The Street, 2020, n.p).
Using mergers and acquisitions as a strategy tool in this case would require a consideration of various factors. The objective of the M&A would be to ensure to improve organizational performance by leveraging the core competencies of the different organizations involved. From Figure 1 below, an analysis of a possible merger or acquisition is presented.
Mercedes-Benz is one of the luxury car brands that have exhibited consistent growth in popularity not only in the U.S but also across the world. The current perception that one develops by looking at any Mercedes-Benz car is that of an ideal car that delivers the promised value with every product that comes from the
Armidale Hospital is the main public healthcare facility in the city of Armidale, in the Hunter Local Health District of New England. The hospital provides a wide range of healthcare services including imaging, general surgery, allied health services, emergency medical services, visiting services (which includes cardiology), and general medical services that includes cardiology, arrhythmia, syncope