Introduction Strategic management is the craft, science and art of formulation; implementation and evaluation of cross functional decisions critical to enabling an organization achieve its long term goals and objectives (Sakas,Vlachos & Nasiopoulos, 2014). Ideally, strategic management entails specification of an organization’s vision, mission and objectives and outlines the policies and plans put in place
Introduction This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of McDonald’s SEC-10K report for the fiscal year ended December 31 2016. This analysis covers differet aspects of the company’s financial report; income statement, balance sheet, statement of changes in equity, and statement of cash flow. Income Statement Category 1: Revenue and Net Income Total Revenue In the
In the last few years, social media has attracted a large number of users worldwide. The most used platforms include the face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, what sup and instagram among others. The effects of this cannot therefore be ignored in the society today. Social media has in a great way helped in bringing
Introduction A case scenario is presented in the CB21 program which aims at identifying more business opportunities rather than elevating a firm to a monopoly status in its industry of operation. The identified organization was Cata4 UK which seemed to provide a platform on which businesses can operate for high profit realizations. Apparently, the business
Introduction The two largest economies in the world including China and the United States are on the brink of starting a trade war. It has not begun yet but the opening shots have been fired by both parties to make the opposite party cautious about the serious consequences it will bring. The U.S government lead
Introduction: Crystal Hotel Pry Ltd is a 3.5 stars hotel, whose location is in Parramatta Central Business District in Sydney. The hotel is privately owned. It has one hundred and sixty rooms having a maximum capacity of three hundred and fifty guests as well as a restaurant whose capacity is one hundred and fifty gusts.
Wikipedia    defines  Entrepreneurship  as  the  process  of  designing,  launching  and  running  a  business   venture  along  with  any  of   its  risks  in  order  to  make  profit  (Online).  Fernandes,  a  writer  who  contributes   to  the  Business News Daily   further  quoted MJ  Pedone,  founder and  CEO  of  Indra  Public  Relations  who  believes  entrepreneurship  as  being  able  to  take 
Introduction The Consumer-Brand relationship is a phenomenon in the modern times. People have an emotional attachment to brands because of the identity and hype associated with diverse brands. The brand gives a person an identity given that people acquire a brand use it, like it and introduce other members of society to the brand based
1.0 Impediments of Professionalizing Family Firms The modern business world is dynamic, and the high rate of globalization has intensified competition, which has created a need for family businesses to professionalize to boost their innovativeness that is essential for survival. Family firms are enterprises that the founder, spouse, or children control all or majority of
These are an American financial multinational company whose headquarters is in San Francisco with most prominent offices throughout the US. It prides itself by being top five largest banks in the United States of America and the second worldwide in market capitalization. It was ranked the largest by market capitalization two years ago, but it