Abstract The determination of sex for several species has been genetic with females and males bearing different genes/alleles specifying their sexual morphology. Sex determination in animals in most cases goes hand in hand with differences in chromosomes through haplodiploidy or chromosomal combination of ZW, ZO, XY, and XO. This difference is often accelerated by a
Questions and answers on “Why Southeast Asia and Australia’s Coral Reefs Became So Rich in Species” by Yin, Steph What was the purpose of the paper, that is, what was the paper testing or what was its real objective? The paper “Why Southeast Asia and Australia’s Coral Reefs Became So Rich in Species” affirms that
The ecosystem is increasingly becoming a victim of numerous human activities such as deforestation, intensification of agricultural practices, climate change, and habitat fragmentation. The latter adversely affects and disrupts the ecological network and the interactions that take place such as animals feeding on plants or animals helping in the pollination process of plants. With a
Technological advancements have heralded a new era in various spheres of human life. In each century, humans have progressively adopted technology in various sectors and in varying intensity with the primary objective of improving the quality of human life. Technology has been incorporated in different fields over the past few decades. Genetical engineering is an
DNA Database What positive things could come from such a database? As part of criminal justice database, DNA samples can be utilized as accurate and credible biological evidence in identifying criminals and exonerating persons who were mistakenly accused or convicted of a crime. During investigations, the DNA database that had been collected from the crime