Article Review: Authentication and Information Security The ubiquitous nature of computing and networking has significantly increased the probability and occurrences of security threats to information. However, the task of ensuring information security is not confined to organizations. The government and private sector have a role to play in ensuring that the country’s information security infrastructures
Illuminated Manuscript Before the discovery of the printing press in Europe, all paperwork was handwritten and adorned. The term manuscript originates from the Latin words manus and scriptus which means hand and to write respectively. Illuminated is also derived from the Latin phrase illuminare that means to light up. Illuminate means the luminosity that is formed by the radiant
Calotype and daguerreotype are the two earliest techniques of photography developed in the nineteenth century. The daguerreotype is credited to Louis Daguerre who developed the technique in 1837 (Mifflin 97). William Fox Talbot developed the method in 1841 (Mifflin 97; Fox 16). The main difference between the two techniques is that daguerreotype involves the printing
 Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ Arthur Miller’s  ‘The Crucible’ describes a time in Salem where a kind of communal hysteria takes center place and clouds all form of sound judgment. The story emphasizes the themes of manipulation and betrayal, where people do all they can to save themselves while condemning others. Through the main characters, Abigail
The statue of liberty The statue of liberty is the most iconic sculpture that has a deep meaning for me. This sculpture is gigantic, welcoming immigrants from other all over the world to America. It is a symbol of the freedom that is enjoyed by persons living in America. It reminds me that the liberties
Abstract Formal Analysis The museum object analyzed is a sarcophagus with a scene from the Lives of St. Peter and Christ in the 1st Century A.D. This sarcophagus was carved from marble. The sculpture depicts various stories of the lives of Jesus and his disciple, Peter.  The lower section seems disjointed because the upper part
Art Paper on Concepts and Designs in Architecture Different structures attract different architectural designs. On the same note, concepts and terminologies that are used in architecture vary by the structure being designed. Consequently, an architect has a salient role to play concerning the project design. The purpose for which the structure to be constructed is
Sample Art Paper on The Ka in Ancient Egypt Religion played a significant role in Ancient Egypt as it greatly influenced the Egyptians’perceptions and beliefs, thus affecting their daily practices. The Egyptian religious convictions comprised fundamental aspects such as the nature of their gods, the origin of the universe, death, and the afterlife. According to
Color Psychology Color psychology deals with e conducting various researches on hues and investigating their influence on human behaviour (Labrecque & Milne, 2012). Such parameters as age, gender, and culture can affect how one sees and perceives color. Although there are efforts to categorize the customer’s response to unique colors, all and sundry perceives color
Art Paper on The White Cube and the Evolution of Gallery Spaces Art cannot exist and develop without historical context and further resonance. Exhibition venues are also saturated with certain atmosphere and cannot be treated neutral. White cubes venues are meant to function as an exhibition separate from the rest of the world, where one