Great Wall of China China’s great wall is one of the longest walls of the globe built during the historical times of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. The structure is located in northern China and was built mainly to provide security from invasion by the barbarian nomads and enhance safety during the Silk Road trade. The
The relevance of art to a specific social and cultural context and its ability to be used as a moratorium of a particular time and place makes it worthwhile for consideration as a museum artifact. From drawings to sculptures, artists use different elements of art to portray a specific message and represent aspects of religion,

Sample Art Paper on Violence in Media

In the contemporary society, popular culture is of significance to the general public given that it is a defining feature of what the public values. Music videos and films are among the popular culture artifacts. Unfortunately, the two have been blamed for the spread of violence in the society because of the immense influence that
The Ghost in the Shell emerged as a manga from Masamune Shirow and gradually became a theatrical feature animation film by Mamoru Oshii. The film introduced massive changes among animators and film directors. The Hollywood live action film managed to fill the hearts of viewers with expectations, suspense, and trepidation. The science fiction film is

Sample Art Paper on Starry Night

Starry Night is a blend of simplified forms, contours, lines, emphasis, movement, solid impasto, and contrasting colors that makes the work compelling to the audience. The masterpiece was composed by Van Gogh. He is remembered for his ability to compose paintings that were visually arresting over the course of his career that spanned a decade.
The impact of music on society is hefty, and artists have used their lyrics to pass very deep messages to society. It goes beyond just words and speaks out as a tool for the various issues that are impacting society— that people have purposely kept mum about or lacked the proper means to sentimentalize. The
In 2017, at Sotheby’s New York auction house, it took an estimated 10 minutes for a 1982 painting featuring a black skull on top of a colorful background to hit headlines across the globe[1]. Sold a price of 110 million dollars this masterpiece by Jean-Michel Basquiat became their highest prices painting in an action after
Art has been existence for a long time and has been further divided into different movements. Common art movements are Dadaism and Surrealism. Dadaism was an art movement of the early 20th century with early art centers in places such as Switzerland and Zurich. Surrealism, on the other hand, was an art movement that began
Stylization in art can be described as the act of generalizing figures and objects that make up a composition using convention elements and principles of design such as line, color, form and space among others. Stylization was coined to allow artists to divert from realism. Therefore, it provided an opportunity for artists to create images
The performance was exhibited in MCA Museum in Chicago between February 18 and 19 2017. The performance stage was dark when the works of Merce Cunningham and others was starting. Fortunately, radiated movable LED lights were projected on the dancers who were artistically dressed in white regalia. The experience was splendid considering how the white