Constantine’s Head Statue and the Steele of Hammurabi portray the differences in governance and the expressions of the rulership to the citizenry. These two artworks provide a glance at the type of distinctive forms of governance in two distant eras. These are namely during Hammurabi’s reign in the Babylonian dynasty, which was dated around from
Article Outline In the article “Emergency Powers in democratic States: Introducing the Democratic Emergency Powers dataset”, Rooney discusses the causes of democratic powers during emergencies in democratic states and the content of such powers. To develop a clear perspective into the subject and to draw essential conclusions, Rooney introduces the concept of the democratic emergency
INTRODUCTION The Taj Mahal, an architectural masterclass that is part of the Seven Wonders of the World, has been a subject of cultural studies for centuries; however, not much has been said about its architectural origins. The spread of Islam led to the development of new philosophies that ushered in an era of unprecedented development
Two of the most prominent art movements that dominated the twentieth century include Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Pop Art is popular for basing the central themes of artistic works on relatable objects and images like cars, soda cans, electric appliances, cartoon strips, among artistic pieces. On the other hand, Abstract Expressionism includes minimal representation
Astronomers have directed much of their resources towards the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). The search entails scientific monitoring of certain electromagnetic radiation that may read some signs of alien life or civilizations in other planets. Scientists from different parts of the world are in a race to be the first to discover the alien
Introduction The self titled album Schoolly D by rapper Schoolly D was produced in 1985 by Schoolly D Records and later distributed by Jive records from 1990. The album is considered one of the classics of the rapper, and comprises of six songs namely, “I don’t like rock & roll”, “Put your filas on”, “free
Introduction The purpose of this project is to analyze the speech acts in the performance of Mr. Keating as illustrated in the movie Dead Poets Society. This paper focuses on Scene 16 which brings into perspective the various types of illocutionary acts performed by Mr. Keating in the movie Dead Poets Society. The scene involves
The article “How to Manage Through Chaos” by Collins and Hansen is a summary of the findings they made after studying the behaviors and habits of successful companies and their leaders. The companies that were analyzed had survived uncertain financial, social and political environments. These companies were christened 10Xers, and their leaders had a lot
Monasteries helped in keeping and conserving art because of the high number of nuns and monks who served God though art. Monasteries became powerhouses for the artistic innovations during the early and middle ages of the Christian church. Religious houses were the centers of the best artworks. The artistic prowess became evident from the scribes
Pawlowski’s approach on BDSM sexual behavior is logical. According to his argument, BDSM cannot be ruled as a harmful sexual practice due to the varied intensities of the behaviors, psychological interpretations, and the participants’ perceptions. If the behaviors are mild and the participants consider the engagement fun, BDSM becomes a healthy form of sexual expression