Interaction between people has always been characterized by explicit power relations. Some seek to dominate others, get recognition for championing for good societal values, and still others seek to establish ideas that should ideally guide the society’s way of life. All these aspects depict the expression of power inequality between members of the society. Certain
Music can be defined as a sound that is pleasant to the ear. It plays a vital role in the lives of many individuals regardless of the class of music. Music also fulfills the emotional needs of people depending on the tone and the words. It has been there in the past centuries, and it's
Introduction In the field of art, research has been conducted. The researchers have utilized images in the entire process of research to communicate the information or messages that could help to envisage the whole process. By taking advantage of the visual images, the researchers can promote scientific results using tangible evidence. Thus, the intended users
A museum is a permanent non-profit institution in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited to educate, study, and enjoyment. This paper analyses the experience in the museum giving comprehensive details about the most exciting exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of art, which is based in New York. The
Rotenberg and McDonogh (1993) explain that the rebuilding of Mexico City lay on the foundation of Tenochtitlan, its previous form and name. The authors explain that Hernan Cortes used the grid plan plaza foundations found at Aztee city to rebuild the town. Mundy, (2015), on the other hand, opposes the notion claiming that no mention
This artist-curated show was the first of its kind and was mounted at the Museum of Guggenheim. The exhibition involved six contemporary curators where through their pivotal solo shows in the past, they were able to prove their skills and prowess in the presentation of various themes of art. The artists included Cai Guo-Qiang, ,
Constantine’s Head Statue and the Steele of Hammurabi portray the differences in governance and the expressions of the rulership to the citizenry. These two artworks provide a glance at the type of distinctive forms of governance in two distant eras. These are namely during Hammurabi’s reign in the Babylonian dynasty, which was dated around from
Article Outline In the article “Emergency Powers in democratic States: Introducing the Democratic Emergency Powers dataset”, Rooney discusses the causes of democratic powers during emergencies in democratic states and the content of such powers. To develop a clear perspective into the subject and to draw essential conclusions, Rooney introduces the concept of the democratic emergency
INTRODUCTION The Taj Mahal, an architectural masterclass that is part of the Seven Wonders of the World, has been a subject of cultural studies for centuries; however, not much has been said about its architectural origins. The spread of Islam led to the development of new philosophies that ushered in an era of unprecedented development
Two of the most prominent art movements that dominated the twentieth century include Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Pop Art is popular for basing the central themes of artistic works on relatable objects and images like cars, soda cans, electric appliances, cartoon strips, among artistic pieces. On the other hand, Abstract Expressionism includes minimal representation