The Toulmin model is a way of argumentation that breaks down and analyze arguments into different elements. This kind of arguments is more suitable when there is no immediate solution or an apparent truth to a problem. The Toulmin model of argument considers the complex structure of most situations. The Toulmin model includes; the claim,
In the 21 st century, people have been seeking information from social media outlets due to technological advancements. However, these platforms' role is to disseminate information and leaving the audience to determine whether it is true or false. Despite these, many people take social media information at face value, creating and developing many fallacies. Subsequently,
Abortion is the act of premature termination of a pregnancy. It is when a pregnancy is ended early before the natural birth of a child. It is also known as termination of pregnancy before embryo or fetus is able to survive the outside of uterus. There are two types of abortion; The abortion pills and
Introduction Marriage is arguably the most serious agreement that any person can enter into. It involves a lifelong commitment that only people with sound mind can keep up with. People however, marry with different terms and agreement due to the various regional structures that have been formulated. Many laws have also been formulated to cater
Beowulf is an epic piece of poetry that was composed probably at the end of the first millennium. It has been recognized and for the longest has been known to be the oldest piece of English Literature known. It was originally written in olden times English, and the story unfolds telling of terrible monsters as