Carolyn Davidson's choices for the Nike logo? Communicative lines in art play a significant role in making the audience comfortable and interested. When art has different forms of lines, it creates different impressions left to the interpretations of the audience. The Nike logo is one of the most popular communicative lines, as though the logo,
Chapter One: Introduction 1.1 Background The construction industry is a significant contributor to the economic growth and development of many countries. This is because it is linked to other industries in many ways and it provided the infrastructure that is required to operate other industries. Because of its impact on the general economy, its sustainable
Heritage buildings play a crucial role in passing cultural identity to future generations (Mısırlısoy & Günçe, 2016, pg. 94). However, indigenous vernacular Culture is fading rapidly due to neglect of historical sites, buildings and cores, and urbanization. Historical buildings preservation enhances the sustainability of monuments and sites as an important part of the past, the
The smart home is a term that refers to modern homes in which different appliances like tv, cooling systems, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and dryers are automated. It also provides many services like water management, gas leakage detection, smoke detection, temperature sensors, electricity reports, and lightening system are automated and are remotely controlled by