Introduction The covid-19 pandemic has affected many lives ,businesses ,individuals and industries in a very radical way.Covid-19 was first reported in China, but it now spreads throughout the world .The disease spreads from person to person through infected air, projected during coughing or sneezing .Likewise, the rapid spread of the disease has had a major
Clark, Neils, and P. Shavaun. Scott. Game Addiction: The Experience and the Effects. Jefferson, NC: McFarland &, 2009. Print. Clark, Neils and Shavaun engage their audience with researched facts explaining the effects of video gaming playing to both children and the adults. The authors say excessive video game playing results to development of negative effects on
Bolkan, S., Goodboy, A. K., & Myers, S. A. (2017). Conditional processes of effective instructor communication and increases in students’ cognitive learning. Communication Education, 66(2), 129-147.   Since the comprehension, application, and memory elements of cognitive learning express among learners may vary, it thus remains essential to integrate conditional processes promoting cognitive learning by offering clarity
Adibi, H., Khalesi N., Ravagh, H., Jafari, M., Reza, A. J. (2012). Root-Cause Analysis of a Potentially Sentinel Transfusion Event: Lessons for Improvement of Patient Safety. Acta Medica Iranica, 50(9): 624-631 Error prevention and patient safety is a key concern to in the blood transfusion ward. The errors can occur at any stage during the transfusion or
Knox, A. (2019). Informatics in Nursing Leadership: Leading in the Age of Technology. Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 14(1-2), Knox, a senior practice nurse leader at BC Cancer and a nursing informatics research, conducted this research on the use of nursing informatics among nurse leaders with the aim of exploring informatics competencies in nursing
Anchondo, Carlos. “Once again, bills to study the impacts of climate change in Texas have stalled.” August, 2019. Texas Tribune,  Accessed 21 September 2019 The article by Anchondo examines the current state of legislation on climate change issues in Texas. In particular, the author narrates how multiple bills proposed by the democratic state lawmakers
George, Alexander L. “Knowledge for statecraft: the challenge for political science and history.” International Security 22, no. 1 (1997): 44-52. The author’s primary purpose of writing the article was to give an insight into how political scientists and historians ought to learn from each other when it comes to the study of international relations. In this regard,
Annotated Bibliography Kundu, S. C., & Mor, A. (2017). Workforce diversity and organizational performance: a study of IT industry in India. Employee Relations, 39(2), 160-183. The article discusses how the concept of diversity in contemporary organizations has changed over the years. According to Kundu and Mor, it has transformed from being a government obligation, and now organizations
Themes of geography are illustrated using sources of national pride such as wildlife parks and other tourist destinations. The Great Falls Park describes a similar source of national pride in the U.S. This is a tourist destination that attracts people from local regions and international countries. The Great Falls Park includes all geographical themes such
The Death Penalty (Capital Punishment) is Inhumane: Annotated Bibliography Anonymous (2015). Cruel and increasingly unusual; lethal injection. The Economist, 417, no. 8958, 27-28. The article presented in ‘The Economist’ described one of the common methods of executing the death sentence in the early times. The legal injection is extensively discussed, with case examples of how