Annottated Bibliography Bolkan, S., Goodboy, A. K., & Myers, S. A. (2017). Conditional processes of effective instructor communication and increases in students’ cognitive learning. Communication Education, 66(2), 129-147. rocesses_of_effective_instructor_communication_and_increases_in_students%27_cognitive _learning/links/59e6c1f8aca2721fc227b4c4/Conditional-processes-of-effective-instructor- communication-and-increases-in-students-cognitive-learning.pdf Since the comprehension, application, and memory elements of cognitive learning express among learners may vary, it thus remains essential to integrate conditional processes promoting cognitive
Introduction Physical Education is also known as fitness training in several European nations is an academic program which protects the body by physical activities. Physical Education is conducted through primary and secondary Education and promotes working memory training in an environment for health promotion in a play and movement activity atmosphere. The conducted curriculum relies
A Critical Analysis of Change Management Strategy or Performance Improvement Initiatives According to Schulz and Johnson (2003), the sole aim of any organization is resource utilization aimed at attaining set goals. The structure of the organization should allow for good handling of resources. Institutions of medicine are evolving. The aim of medical firms is to
FAILURE MODE AND EFFECT ANALYSIS (FMEA) The methods of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is beneficial for the evaluation of any process for determination of the avenues that have the potential to make it failure along with the assessment of the associated outcomes of various kinds of failure, for identification of the parts in
A case-control study is a way of comparing patients who have a disease (case) with the ones that do not possess the condition (control) and look back to analyze how frequently the exposure to a risk factor is present in each group to establish the relationship between the risk factor and the disease. It is
Events have environmental, economic, political, and social cultural impacts. Social cultural impacts brought about by events include solidarity within the community, social reconciliation, and social pride. Allen 2011, illustrates how the citizens of Geelong gained a sense of pride after their team won the AFL premiership. Also, when an event is hosted within a
This week’s discussion will evaluate Judith Seitzer’s works Family Changes and Changing Family Demography. This piece is interesting because it provides insights into the changing family demographics and the impacts on children’s development. The author effectively utilizes a survey model to collect population data serves about family demographics. This approach is appropriate because it facilitates
The article selected for analysis is titled “Factors Influencing Consumers’ Choice of Oral Hygiene Products: A Cross-sectional Study” (Awais, Shahzad, Naheed & Khan, 2019). The purpose of this study was to determine the factors that motivate and influence consumers when selecting oral hygiene products. The research design was a cross-sectional field survey. A close-ended questionnaire
The article titled The Doctor Behind the Disputed Covid Data, published in the New York times on the 27th of July 2020 (Gabler & Rabin, 2020), seeks to give insight into the practice of the once-celebrated vascular surgeon, Dr Sapan Desai, and his two disputed covid 19 research articles done by him in collaboration with
Question One Transportation user fees determine the way companies and individuals different transport facilities in an area according to set standards. Federal and state authorities impose such charges to enhance the quality of roads and other transport channels in the area. In some instances, such costs seek to reduce congestion to make it easier for