Business Studies Sample Essay on Transforming a Conservative Firm

Transforming a Conservative Firm


The business environment in modern times is very dynamic, requiring firms to adopt an organic organizational culture in order to fit in and remain relevant. Conservative firms are placed at a disadvantage, as the principles they stand for are viewed as a block by some minority groups. It is seen as a direct form of discrimination against persons  holding different values from the ones held by the stakeholders of the company. With the globalization phenomenon upon us, a firm is supposed to be flexible and malleable in order to retain clients and gain more.

XYZ corporation background

XYZ Corporation was started in early 20th century as a family business. The original owners of this corporation were staunch Christians and therefore, many of the values that are held by this corporation have a Christian basis. XYZ Company is in the textile industry, and most of its products seem to convey Christian massages. This ranges from the messages printed on the garments produced that include the scriptures from the Bible to the company’s logo, which is a cross. The hiring process usually has a bias towards persons of the Christian faith even in regions where Christians are the minority. Needless to say, the whole management team is composed of Christians while the workforce consists of 96% Christians.

Christian values are held deeply by the firm’s management and the same is expected of the employees. Family values are especially elevated to the point where the firm is concerned about the sexuality of not only the employees, but that of potential clients too. Some of the messages passed on via the garments produced by the firm appeal only to a section of the society. The adverts placed on the media by the corporation seem to target only the Christians, leaving the rest out. This firm has even been described as an isolationist firm by critics.

The firm has expanded and performed well in regions where Christianity is the dominant religion. However, the company is having problems in getting clients from the Middle East and Asian region. The expanding secular society in the western world is also hurting the sales of this company, as it has failed to appeal to the majority of the society. If the firm is to continue growing and remain relevant, it has to recognize the need for a change in its approach towards social issues. It needs to come up with values and policies that are accommodating to everyone in the society. After all, the Bible exhorts people to accommodate other cultures in I Corinthians 9:20.

Change of Stance

The senior management of XYZ Corporation has noticed the need to make this firm more accommodating in order to appeal to the global market. The human resource department has been given the task of coming up with measures that will make the company reflect the modern society as it is. The tough stance on family issues concerning the employees will be reconsidered. This is in terms of offering medical cover to the employees and their families. The firm only offered medical cover to the spouses of employees that were in recognized marriages. It now plans to extend he cover to domestic partners of the employees that are not married in the conventional way. The firm also plans to restructure its management in different territories to reflect the society being served in such territories. The hiring process will no longer be dependent on the faith held by the candidate, but on merit.   


These changes might not get received well by the present employees that are used to the conservative nature of the firm. The company plans to hold training and team building sessions for the existing employees. They will be impressed on the need to embrace diversity at the workplace and in serving the clients. Hopefully, this will enable the firm to remain relevant and attract more clients in in existing and new markets.