Business Studies Paper on Video transcript on Kevin O’Neal

Business Studies Paper on Video transcript on Kevin O’Neal

            The video transcript is about Kevin O’Neal a professional in the construction industry. He is a disappointed man by the lack of enough construction jobs in the united states. This has forced him to source contracts abroad, even though he misses working in America very much (Video Transcript, 2014). Some of the places that Kevin has worked in abroad include the middle east, and there is a prospect in Australia, 10,000 miles away from home. Kevin does not sound impressed by his travels abroad for work, but is full of praise of his profession and his proficiency in construction (Video Transcript, 2014). He is a man that values self-respect, and having to work in foreign countries instead of his home country is not appealing. Kevin expresses his disappointment at having worked abroad only to come back home and find out things had not improved yet.

Luxembourg experience

            The author of this article puts down the experiences he had after going to live in Europe, where his wife had secured an expatriate job. They lived in a little known European country called Luxembourg that has a capital called the same name. The writer has had difficulties in accommodating the metric measures used in Europe, which are different from the ones used at home in New York (Pavone, 2014). He is also disappointed that a town that has a population of a few hundred people can be referred to as a city. The stay in Europe for the author is full of adventures and learning new things. These adventures inspire him to write a book called “The Expats.” His wife is invited back to New York, and they move back to the United States (Pavone, 2014). He is impressed by the sense of activeness and urgency that pervades New York, and is glad to be back in a place where his creativity is challenged.





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